Saturday, 18 June 2011

Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 Usage Tips

Some usage tips for getting the most out of the Vulcan.

1) Have more belts. 25 darts can go pretty quick, and having to refill the belt after emptying it is really time consuming.
2) Use the tripod. It takes the weight strain away from you so you can focus on aiming and/or spraying.
3) Have a long range weapon. The Vulcan, even with extensive mods is held back by its design. So far as I've seen, the greatest range achieved by a Vulcan is at best 80ft. Have something like an NF perhaps.
4) Have good backup. Even if you have extra belts, switching the belts is quite annoying, and is a lot harder than switching clips in the CS and ECS blasters.
5) Get AA-D converters. They'll greatly reduce the weight, which'll give greater mobility and ease of aiming. Also, it allows the use of 3.7v 14500 batteries which'll provide a greater ROF.
6) Lug around as many belts as possible. Sure, it's not cheap or light, but it'll give you a massive ammo advantage on the battlefield. Besides, the Vulcan's weight is far more than multiple belts.
7) Find a grip which is most comfortable for you. The Vulcan has multiple ways of holding, so choose the one which suits you best.
8) It's best you take on a defence role. The Vulcan's tripod allows easy pivoting of it, which lets you pivot and spray down attackers.
9) Due to its bulk, the Vulcan is not particularly good in small cramped spaces. Hence use it where there is a lot of space to maneuver.
10) Learn to burst fire. You don't want to waste all your ammo.

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