Friday, 27 April 2012

Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon Mod

The most powerful of the current Super Soakers, the Hydro Cannon, also has a massive bladder in which to store air and water. This makes it ideal for a dart blaster mod.

Stage 1: Simple coupler addition. Ranges of about 45m, 80+m angled.
Stage 2: Magstrike pump. Never test fired due to leaks.
Stage 3: Bike pump. No official ranges.

EDIT: Again, take these ranges with a grain of salt, among other things the barrel is seriously sub-optimal and these shots probably weren't flat.

The Hydro Cannon is a great water blaster (drenched my friend in 2 shots), and even without too much work (simple coupler addition and pump replacement), can become one of the most powerful Nerf airguns ever. (supposedly surpasses Titan in power)

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