Saturday, 7 April 2012

Nerf Rayven CS-18 Usage Tips

Some usage tips for my new favourite blaster.

1) Minimise revving. Excess revving will give away your position and eat up your battery life.
2) Learn to spam. The Rayven is very easy to spam when you get the hang of it, but because of the trigger pull resistance compared to standard CS blasters, it can be a bit hard to get used to at first. IMO it's the spammiest CS blaster after the Spampede. There will be several times when you need to shower your enemy in darts, and the Rayven is one of the best blasters for the job.
3) Learn to reload. The Rayven is very easy to run out with, but thankfully it's also very easy to reload. Practice dumping a clip (mag) and putting another one in because reload time can be the difference between winning or losing in some cases. In other it could just mean a loss of a life or position.
4) Don't excessively spam. It will mean you have to re-rev your Rayven for a few seconds to get maximum ranges, and in the time it takes you to re-rev, someone with a Longshot might get you in their sights, and you don't have time to react.
5) Always have a backup pistol. Preferably not a Recon. Without the use of stefans, the Rayven is far from pinpoint accurate, and the rev up time can be fatal. As such you'll need a backup pistol which can provide you with pinpoint accurate quick-draw shots.
6) Rev up when necessary. The Rayven's rev up time is several seconds, which could be potentially fatal to you, your teammates or the game. As such as soon as you see signs of any threats, rev up so you can get full ranges if said threats reappear.
7) The Rayven is multipurpose. It can function as a spammy, close-mid range primary or a rapid fire, high capacity secondary/backup thanks to its compact size.

To sum up, the Rayven is all about balance. You have to know when to rev, when not to rev, when to spray and when to hold fire.

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