Sunday, 15 April 2012

Comparison: Nerf Rayven CS-18 vs Barricade RV-10

This is a comparison of Nerf's two flywheel N-Strike blasters.

The Barricade resembles a large sci-fi revolver, while the Rayven resembles a modern bullpup SMG. IMO the Rayven looks far better, but as always I never score aesthetics.
The Barricade comes with itself and 10 Whistlers.
The Rayven comes with itself, 18 GITD Streamlines and a Firefly Tech 18 Clip (mag).
The Rayven wins this round.
The Barricade reaches 9-10m with Whistlers, while the Rayven reaches 10-12m with its Streamlines.
The Rayven just wins this round.
The Rayven uses Streamlines, which are notorious for inaccuracy. On the other hand the Barricade, using Whistlers, gets excellent accuracy.
The Barricade wins this round.
Both the Barricade and Rayven use flywheels, so both will have an annoying buzzing noise (which are a lot quieter than Buzz Bee and Air Zone flywheelers apparently). Both have several safeties, both with cutoff switches and physical locks preventing misuse and user caused jams. In my experience neither misfires or jams often - most jams and misfires were human error. Both have similar strength trigger pulls, which are a lot harder than standard trigger pulls. The key point here is the on off mechs in each. The Barricade uses a simple on-off switch, while the Rayven uses a push-to-on button underneath the accel trigger. The Barricade is difficult to rev when you need it because of the positioning of the switch, while the Rayven can be revved up whenever you need it very easily, and can be deactivated very quickly, while the Barricade's awkward on-off switch positioning can be a problem.
The Rayven just wins this round.
Rate of fire:
The Barricade and Rayven both have similar trigger pull strengths, so ROF for them are roughly the same.
The Barricade holds 10 darts in a revolving barrel, while the Rayven can hold 6-35 darts (being clip [mag] system), but comes with an 18 clip (mag), thus having nearly twice the capacity of the Barricade straight out of box.
Obviously the Rayven wins this round.
Value for Money:
The Barricade is available for $30 off sale from several places, while the Rayven is available for $40 off sale from BigW. IMO the Firefly Tech clip (mag) which comes with the Rayven is worth far more than $10, so the Rayven wins this round as well.

The Rayven has won 5 rounds, the Barricade 1, with 1 tie. Therefore the winner is the Rayven CS-18.
IMO there aren't many reasons you'd buy a Barricade over a Rayven, but here are a few possibilities:
  1. You want an accurate blaster
  2. Streamlines are not commonly used darts in your wars
  3. You have a hatred for Streamlines so strong you refuse to use them
  4. You have a hatred of lime green
  5. You don't want to waste any darts (Streamlines are really easily wasted due to their inaccuracy)
Pic credit to SG Nerf for the Barricade.


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