Monday, 14 May 2012

Nerf SSPC Update

Small update on my SSPC.
As you can see, the pump handle has had a 15mm PVC 90 degree elbow glued on as a handle. It makes pumping a lot easier, especially when attached to a blaster like a Rayven. The belt clip is secured to the front of the Rayven, so the SSPC doesn't fall off unless pulled really hard.
This SSPC doesn't have the pump plugged (this SS was fine), so I can pump as much as I want and not destroy the SSPC. The problem with tank expanded SSPBs is the tank requires rapid pumping to seal. Luckily, I only need to pump 3 times quickly to seal the tank, then I can pump slowly and still fill the tank with high pressure.
Ranges with the 3-shot shotgun attachment gets 12m+ per dart at approx 15 pumps.
Ranges with a single barrel should be at least 30m.

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