Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot Review (Updated Model)

This is a review of the single shot of Nerf's 2011/2012 DT range - the Sharp Shot. It was the first of the DT range to be updated with a blue trigger and blue dart holders, because apparently the old one sucked - 20-25ft according to SG Nerf. Luckily, the updated version is far more awesome. The Sharp Shot comes with itself, 4 new DT/Whistler darts and a 2-part quick-release belt clip.

Firstly, I feel the Sharp Shot looks great - the smooth, streamlined body along with the extra shell parts makes it look quite cool.

Use of the Sharp Shot is simple. It's the same as a Strikefire/Stormfire - load a dart, pull back (and let go of) the slide, and fire away. It can't jam, and I've never experienced it misfire. The trigger pull has decent resistance, so you're unlikely to accidentally shoot.
The barrel is funneled, unlike that of most single shots, which allows for slightly faster reloading, because you don't need to be as fussy about how carefully you put the dart in - it feeds itself pretty much.
Rate of fire is still about 1 per 2-3 seconds though.

The handle is extremely comfortable and decently sized - just what you want from a handle.
The slide is also very large and comfortable. Although it has no lip (like the Spectre does), I find it's not as prone to your hand slipping as the Maverick is, most likely because the Sharp Shot's slide is large and smooth, and therefore easy to grip.

The dart holders are simple and effective. They hold 3 darts in comfort, with no fear of falling out - exactly what you want from a dart holder.

The quick-release belt clip, in concept, is a brilliant idea because it allows for quick draws without the need for a holster. Sadly, Nerf's is not that awesome. Although it does clip securely, and easily holds the Sharp Shot's weight, it is a little tacky and difficult to release. The blaster also flies about if you're running around with it, because the clip uses a ball and socket joint, which allows for a wide movement arc. Usage tips here.

The new DT darts are awesome. Old DT darts were orange/green depending on your team colour. The new DT darts are a darker orange foam (which is also a lot more dense and a lot tougher than standard Nerf foam), with dark blue tips and white velcro. The key distinguishing feature between these and the old ones are that the new ones also whistle when shot, resulting in the name of Whistling DT darts. Despite the new whistling feature, the DT darts are as accurate as ever.

Now onto the performance.
The old Sharp Shot allegedly had ranges of 20-25ft, which is far sub standard.
The new and improved version, has ranges of 15m, which is 50ft - double the original ranges.
Although it has a reverse plunger (modders sigh in frustration), UT reports that the cause of the new ranges is a stronger spring (yay), and allegedly basic modded ranges can reach 80ft, using the stock spring.
Accuracy is as good as ever, being single shot and using DT darts - pinpoint accurate.

The Sharp Shot is available for $14 $12 or 2 for $50 $40(with 2 training jerseys and 2 glasses). Given it's more expensive as the NF, it's not a good value, but the higher capacity, its design and performance, the Sharp Shot is still pretty good value. It's only slightly more expensive than the NF, and its design and slightly better performance as well as coolness are well worth it.
I personally recommend it because I think it's cooler than the NF, but if you're on a very low budget or want simplicity embodied, get the NF or a Jolt.
Stock it's good enough to compete with Aus spec Elites, but it doesn't have the same mod potential as the Nitefinder or Firestrike.

Pros: Ease of use, power, accuracy, very light, dart holders are highly effective, looks awesome, when the belt clip works right it works very well
Cons: Quick-release belt clip doesn't always work the way it should, belt clip is a little hard to use, smallish reverse plunger and small draw result limit modded ranges

Power: 7/7
Accuracy: 5/5
Usability: 5/5
Rate of Fire: 1/5
Value for Money: 4.5/5

Overall: 4.1/5

Personal Rating: 4/5 - along with the Jolt it's my favourite single shot.

Great fun, great backup, great power. Well done Nerf on a brilliant update.


  1. When you run,the Sharp shot swings aroung due to bal-socket on the belt clip. Do the darts in the dart-holders fall out? Simehimes I lose darts when I run with my NF.

    1. No, the darts are very secure in the Sharp Shot's dart holders, yet not so tight that they get damaged. The NF's dart holders, though tight, are very sharp and cut into darts, possibly causing slippages.
      It could also be that the darts are worn or squished - the Sharp Shot's dart holders work best with new or good quality darts which have not been damaged.

    2. yay! fav single shot. Also, mentioned in a comment in your Recon review you stated that you don't use sidearms in wars. If you don't use them then what's do you do with the sidearms?(eg.NF)

    3. Pistol wars mostly
      As well as showing off

  2. 50ft must be the newer 2012/2013 release with the "now further than ever" print on the box. This variant has a light blue trigger and light blue spare dart holder assembly. Current Sharp Shots have a stock range of 20-22 feet when shot parallel to the ground. Honing out the barrel with air restrictor removal will improve ranges as well as replacing the original o-ring with a new #30 or #35 o-ring from Home Depot. I forget which one is which. Further power-ups via spring upgrade from the stock 3kg to 6kg plunger spring will kick power up a notch. It would be similar to adding a second narrower spring to increase power. The stock catch spring is pretty strong already but you'd probably want to reinforce the catch spring wall that will take the full potential energy force from the plunger spring. The wall holding the catch seems to be "flimsy" and might not handle the stress. Cosmetically you can also remove the belt loop from the hand grips to make it more streamline as well as removing the front shell to decrease the footprint marginally, although you would be essentially losing a lower fastener to keep the blaster chassis together. It won't come apart nonetheless but you won't have those extra screws holding the lower front half of the blaster together (doesn't really make a difference though).
    There are other means of doing size reductions and also eliminating as much dead space as possible but that will come another day. I've done this for my personal DTSS and it single fires streamlines like no bodies' business as well as tag darts about 40-45 feet. The seal is so good that when I insert a dart into the barrel the plunger moves backwards from the air pressure. It also vacuum loads darts.
    I just need help finding padding for inside the plunger tube. I don't dry fire it anyway but I am afraid of some schmuck doing it if they pick up my blaster and are like, "oh man, so sexy."
    I have a modded spectre but my modded Sharp Shot is just so sexy. I call it the "N7 Wonder Shot," a reference to both Mass Effect and Chronk Trigger. Wonder Shot was Lucca's final weapon, able to deal 9999 damage but randomly.
    My custom DTSS also has a paint job. All black except for the internals, trigger, and muzzle. I left those blaze orange. Priming slide is also black. All parts move smoothly and the paint job is a satin shine to it.