Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Mod: Bullpup Elite Alpha Trooper

I've been a bit preoccupied the past few weeks which is why there have been no new reviews, but hopefully this post will tie you guys over until I can get the next one done.

I did share this on the FB page a while ago, but thought I'd share it with the rest of you who don't use FB. This is my bullpup EAT. It has the full functionality of a regular EAT, except in bullpup configuration, meaning the clip (mag) and firing mechanism are behind the trigger.

It uses parts from an EAT, a Retal stock, a Raider and the faux barrel of an LSFG. It took me over a month to actually get working properly, since it was more trial and error than anything else.
I built it partly as just a proof of concept, and partly for use at Uni games, however it doesn't have enough power to requisite its use over any good clip (mag) fed flywheeler. Sadly due to the way I've done certain things, and my lack of any welding tools, the bullpup EAT is not capable of using an OMW 5kg spring without breaking, so I use a US spec stock spring with a hot glue spacer with the AR removed for maximum possible power.
One minor but very useful feature is the lever clip (mag) release, implemented with a few scraps of plastic and a few small cuts into the shell. It works really well, being easy to use and reliable.
The internals are a bit of a mess, because I really didn't think all of this through before starting. There's a lot of hot glue used for space filling and general adhesive, as well as a lot of epoxy for the main shell work, and many bolts with pieces of PVC to hold the shell together.
The fundamental internals are just taken straight from an EAT, and modified to accomodate the bullpup configuration changes.
Note the lengthened priming rod that runs all the way from the front to the boltsled, as with a regular EAT. Naturally this one is significantly longer because the handle is now in the middle, so I used a section of the Raider's priming rod to extend it. Sadly as I lack access to welding or casting, the rod had to be joined together using JB weld and some aluminium sheet. I can't use an OMW 5kg spring in the bullpup EAT because the priming rod just breaks at the joins, while a stock spring doesn't.
The tac rail on the EAT's body is still fully functional, however because it is so far back it's awkward to use. Instead the part taken from a Raider body has a segment of tac rail that works perfectly for sights. The handle is a little close to the magwell, but I didn't have any more spare bits or blasters so there wasn't much I could do.
The plunger rod has been cut down to allow a reduction in overall length. When primed, it still sticks out the back as a priming indicator, however the cut allows the priming indicator to be at the very back without jutting out.
The main special feature of the bullpup EAT, thanks to its design it is easily taken apart into the barrel and body for transport, perfect for fitting in my Uni backpack. It can then be easily reassembled with a screwdriver which I usually carry just in case.

Here's a video of it loading and firing.

The bullpup EAT is probably my most ambitious unique project, and though it didn't work totally as planned, it does work decently enough for me to be satisfied with it for a first version.
Do let me know in the comments what you think of it.


  1. although I already saw this on your facebook page, it was nice to have more information about how you did it. Woul it be possible to use a rayven and do this?

    1. What do you mean by use a Rayven to do this? A Rayven is already a bullpup.

    2. my bad! I meant the raider/rampage. Some sort of clip system in the stock instead of on the side.

    3. That'll be really hard, since the Rampage has a side magwell, and so will jut out into your chest. You're much better off bullpup-ing a Retaliator, which is much, much easier.

  2. i have been thinking about a bullpup rapidstrike conversion for some time, in the style of an IWI tavor tar21 or an FN f2000.
    that would rock :D
    HASBRO hint hint, make one it would sell like crasy for sure
    greetz from eric

    1. Bullpup Rapidstrike would be really easy, since it's all electrical. All you'd have to do is cut off the handle with its associated switches and stick it in front of the magwell. Then of course you'd have to shuffle around some wires, but that's child's play if you have any electrical experience. After that you'd need to make a few alterations to the Rapidstrike shell, but again child's play if you have any experience with shell modding.

  3. Is this where you got your idea for a bullpup rapidstrike?

    1. No, the Bullpup RS idea came from the Rayven and Toruk's Bullpup RS, the "Vulture".