Monday, 8 April 2013

Nerf Stryfe Dart Sensor - Updated Again?

When the Stryfe first came out, many people criticised its dart sensor tooth thingy, which although seemed like a good idea, blocking the trigger if it was not loaded, actually caused a lot more trouble, by jamming up the trigger frequently and not detecting darts loaded in non-Elite clips (mags).
This problem was rectified with a new dart sensor design, as showcased by BasicNerf's post here. The video, made by "Duke Wintermaul" on Youtube, shows that the new dart sensor is larger than the original, but could still be easily be attacked with, for example, pliers. The serial number for these Stryfes ended with an "a".
I picked up my Stryfe from Malaysia. Worried that this might be an original troublesome Stryfe, I took it back to the place I was staying at, threw in some batteries and sprayed off the 6 darts that came with the Stryfe. To my relief, they fired out very quickly, and the trigger didn't lock up. Noting that it was different to the Stryfes with a serial number ending in an 'a', I looked at the engraved serial number and noted it ended with a 'b'.

So, there are now 3 versions of the Stryfe: the original troublesome one, the updated dart sensor 'a' version, and the obscured updated dart sensor 'b' version.
As you may be able to see, the dart sensor is slightly wider at the back than the original dart sensor as sort of seen here:
(Picture taken from MyLastDart: link)

I suspect this new update is to protect the dart sensor from the previously super effective pliers attack, but now that it isn't a problem, there isn't a need to remove it unless you're the sort of person who likes removing every lock in the blaster.

EDIT: After further testing, I found that the slower feeding clips (mags)/drums (ie 18 clips [mags] with Streamlines, 35 drums) still cause some troubles, but they don't requisite the removal of the clips (mags)/drums that original Stryfes needed. Basically stay away from the drums and stick to Elite darts, and you should have no problems, as I was able to spam out Elite darts from an 18 clip (mags) very quickly. Even with the 35 drum and Streamlines, I was able to get a ROF of ~2-3dps anyway, so the new Stryfes are definitely better than the old ones.

EDIT 2: The dart sensor is new, there are ridges along the edge which helps darts push it up, increasing the chances of dart detection, and reducing chances of trigger blocking. You can see in the picture I took, there are darker lines along the border of the dart sensor, which are protrusion perpendicular to the sensor.

EDIT 3: New pics which should make my point clear. I believe old ones were completely flat.

So yeah, new Stryfes are even more updated but seriously just remove the damn thing. It'll make your life so much easier.


  1. Why, oh why, do people still promote the idea of permanently modding it when a simple piece of tape does the trick far faster and easier (and is just as effective)?

    1. Firstly, it's not permanent because you can just open the Stryfe back up and stick it back in. Secondly, the tape method has a chance of failing over time and usage if the tape is not of good quality (and even then there's a chance of the tape failing). If that occurs, the dart sensor will drop back into position and potentially continue to block the trigger, which can be an issue. Thirdly unless done extremely well and with the right coloured tape, the tape will probably be somewhat unsightly whenever you open the jam door. This won't bother the ordinary person but for the colour coordination nutcase this can become irritating. Fourthly, removing it provides a guarantee that the trigger will not be blocked by it, while with the tape solution, the fact is that the piece is still there and therefore can potentially still interfere with the mechanics.