Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire Usage Tips

Some usage tips for the biggest DT blaster so far. I don't actually own one, but I'm taking care of one for a friend.
  1. Make sure you use as good batteries as possible. The Swarmfire, being full auto and electronic, is reliant on battery power for its ROF. With the upgraded spring, the Swarmfire's ROF isn't very good compared to a lot of other blasters, so having the best possible batteries maximises your ROF. You probably still won't match most rapid fire blasters, but any increase in ROF for this blaster is appreciated, especially considering the capacity of 20 darts.
  2. Keep at least 10 darts in it at any one time. Because the Swarmfire is full auto it can be very easy to spray off several darts. This is particularly useful when encountering a group of enemies or sudden encounters. For situations like this you'll need to use a number of darts to account for Swarmfire firing delay and inaccuracy, but in most cases you'll be able to take out people with 3-4 shots, so 10 is enough for up to a group of 3-4 people, which is the most you'll encounter in smaller Nerf wars.
  3. Always fire in bursts. With full auto blasters like the Swarmfire, it's easy to fire off a few darts instead of just one. This is particularly important in Nerf due to the inherent inaccuracy of most Nerf blasters. Because one shot has a low chance of hitting, firing off several is a much better choice and drastically increases your chances of hitting your target(s). This is relevant to a lot of blasters, but full auto blasters like the Swarmfire in particular.
  4. Know which way the turret rotates. This will allow for effective reloading.
  5. Know which barrel is 'active', to save yourself from the humiliation of a dry fire.
  6. Remember that the Swarmfire has a short fire delay. Remembering to pull the trigger a split second before the intended shot time is key to effective Swarmfire use, because in that delay someone with a manual springer can get a shot off at you.
  7. Remember that the Swarmfire is not a clip/mag system blaster. Sure 20 darts might sound like a lot, but after a few seconds of sustained fire you'll be pretty much empty, and then you'll have to worry about reloading. Unlike a clip/mag system blaster, which can just have the clip/mag swapped, the Swarmfire must have each barrel individually loaded so make sure to have backup when reloading.

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