Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Nerf Elite Stryfe Usage Tips

Some usage tips for my new favourite blaster.
  1. Remove/tape down the dart sensor. Seriously, it inhibits usage so much that this is the first ever time when I have put a mod in the usage tips, as I try to refrain from doing so. The dart sensor, although it sounds like a good idea, actually tends to lock up the trigger when you try rapid firing, and also tends to not work with Streamlines, particularly with older clips (mags). In a battle you don't want these sorts of things happening, so just disable the sensor by taping it so it thinks it's permanently loaded, or remove it altogether.
  2. Use the jam door to quickly decelerate your motors. If for whatever reason you need to suddenly be quiet, opening the jam door is the fastest way.
  3. Don't use a barrel extension, except for supporting other attachments. The extra barrel length reduces your range and only slightly increases accuracy. It also makes the Stryfe significantly longer than it needs to be. Remember that as a semi auto flywheeler the Stryfe is not a rifle, but rather an SMG/large pistol that should be used for burst fire or rapid fire, not single accurate shots. As such, accuracy is not necessarily needed, and the small size of the Stryfe is an advantage, allowing you to maneuver into tight spaces and let off a number of darts. Adding a barrel extension will rob you of this advantage, and add unnecessary accuracy.
  4. Use a stock if the Stryfe is your primary. Because you should be using the Stryfe most often, the stock will allow for more stable rapid fire, improving the chances of a hit. If the Stryfe is not your primary, do not attach a stock. If the Stryfe is a secondary/tertiary you'll want to be able to pull it out quickly a let loose a spray of darts. A stock will make it harder to pull out quickly, and if it's a backup blaster you'll be using it to dissuade opponents and buy yourself breathing space, not take them all out with an accurate spray. Therefore the stability offered by a stock is unnecessary.
  5. When you fire, fire several darts. Because of the inaccuracy offered by fast spinning flywheels, you can't rely on the Stryfe for accuracy. Therefore to compensate you should fire several darts in roughly the right direction. This will drastically increase your chances of a hit.
Besides those, refer to the Rayven's usage tips for more flywheel related notes.

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