Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Nerf Longshot CS-6 Usage Tips

Some usage tips for my new blaster.

1) Use the rear clip storage. Why not?
2) Ditch the LSFG. It adds far too much length and bulk to the Longshot, and also reduces range. Outdoors, you lose too much range for the added accuracy to be useful. Indoors, it's just doorway fodder (in the words of Urban Taggers) and a Nitefinder is a much better secondary.
3) Use the bipod. It'll allow an increased ROF and improved accuracy because it's more stable than just holding the Longshot.
4) Learn to use the scope. It may not work like a real scope, but it still helps aiming.
5) Have plenty of clips handy. Just because it doesn't fire fast doesn't mean you don't need much ammo. Snipers can spray just as much as Stampeders, but Stampedes are easier to spray.
6) Have a good secondary. Longshots are generally incapable of firing very fast, so last-stand spamming isn't an option. Maybe a Magstrike?

There you go. I may or may not update this when I field-test this.


  1. the only problem with having a back-up like a magstrike is that you said that dont pump it beforehand and if you need a back up and you have to pump it then you're stuffed.

    1. That's the problem with air powered blasters. You need to know when to pump it up. Leave it too late, you're stuffed. Pump it up too early, the blaster may suffer damage.
      I *think* half and hour is the max time you can leave an air blaster pumped up safely, but realistically 5 minutes is already a long time.

    2. use a retaialiator with no stock/barrel extension, and only have a 6 dart mag in

  2. nice i love the retaliator as a secondary