Thursday, 14 April 2011

Lanard Scatter Blast Grenade Usage Tips

Some tips for getting the best out of this unusual toy.

1) Load it with 6 darts. For whatever reason, it performs and pumps up best this way.
2) Activate the safety before you pump it. You don't want to accidentally set it off in your face, and for some reason it pumps up better.
3) Do note that if you throw it with enough force, the safety button will disengage and it will go off. However, I think doing that damages the safety, so best not to experiment.
4) It's a GRENADE. It's not a blaster. As such, always bring something like a Longshot, Alpha Trooper etc along so you're not stuck when you detonate the grenade.
5) No-one said you can't use it like a blaster. The tip detonates the grenade, and the darts come out the opposite end. As such, you could use it as a last stand shotgun, or for blasting 6 darts into a corridor/hallway where a Magstrike/RF20/etc will not suffice. Just don't rely on it because a fully working Hornet works better in this area.
6) Extend the tail pump. For whatever reason, it flies better, it's more stable in flight and it curves in such a way that the tip will be pointing at the ground, increasing your chances of a successful detonation.
7) Don't leave it pumped up. No-brainer.
8) If it is pumped up, leave the safety on. Another no-brainer.
9) It's not particularly suited to environments with valuables and fragile objects as the grenade itself is quite bulky and large (for a grenade). It's covered in soft foam however.


  1. cool im gonna buy onneuh those

  2. Basic Nerf's Scatter blast got a crack just after he played with it for 10mins. The plastic is sort of weak.

  3. Why aren't there nerf shock grenades?

    1. Shock grenades? I have no idea what you mean.