Monday, 9 July 2018

Quick Mod: OFP 42.5mm Morpheus Cage

The OFP Morpheus dart guide is something I've always wanted to try out, as I've liked the benefits of a well done brass guide, but hated the amount of time and effort required to cut one properly. With my Bullpup RS MkII project wanting the internals from my old Bullpup RS MkI, I took the opportunity to re-spec the MkI for MLF-level PvP.

I used an OFP 42.5mm cage with Worker wheels and Neo Hellcats, as it's a combination I know still works well with FVJs, the primary full length dart of MLF. I also wanted the XP180 in the pusher for my MkII, I replaced it with an FK-180PH-3250.
I like the extra bit of reliability that the Morpheus guide provides, ensuring that darts don't pop out the top of mags, and are fed correctly through the flywheels. I also like that they're pre-cut, and fit neatly into a Morpheus cage with minimal or no sanding, depending on print quality.

Spin-up is basically instant, given Worker wheels are one of the lightest options around. For muzzle velocity, I was getting 100-120fps with FVJ5s, and 130-145fps with grey Koosh, both heavily used. I haven't had a chance to test it in combat yet but accuracy certainly seems fairly good from my test firing.

Something worth noting here is that I found these new Worker flywheels far more difficult to install than my older sets. The shaft fit was even tighter, however the wheels also felt far more brittle and I had trouble getting them aligned correctly. With that in mind and the availability of so many other good aftermarket flywheels, I'm retracting my recommendation of Worker flywheels, at least these white ones. For the majority of purposes, there are other flywheels available that are easier to install, tougher and less brittle, and less dart damaging while achieving comparable performance.


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    1. That's not actually securely glued, the glue dot just gives better trigger response. I have fiddled with bending the metal in different directions, unfortunately every one had some kind of downside.