Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Mod: Bullpup Rapidstrike MkII

I wanted to put together a new Bullpup RS to replace my old, worn one, and to try out a different shape. A few months later and here we are.

The MkII is quite similar to the MkI in overall design, however many improvements have been made, including cleaner bodywork, particularly with the Rayven-RS body joins. I also wanted this one to be flat-topped, and to have a thumbhole stock.
Sling points were stolen directly from the MkI. Front one is a loop of paracord, rear one is a custom made MazoFactory piece, attached to velcro.
Internally, the blaster actually uses some of the MkI's internals - the barrel/flywheel setup [Arti red cage, Cyclone wheels, Neocats, 19/32" brass guide] have been taken from the MkI directly, as has the XP180 pusher with one 1N5404 drop diode. Wiring scheme is a 3-switch, dead centre.
The main killswitch, which is now on top, uses an IRLB3034 MOSFET, with a 10k pulldown resistor.
LiPo is the same Turnigy Bolt 1000mAh 3S 65-130C.
I wanted a similar LiPo setup as the MkI, with the LiPo in the stock, easily accessible for charging. I didn't want to do the whole removable stock thing again though, because that used up a lot of otherwise usable space. Instead, I opted to have the stock split separately from the main body. This way, the stock is solidly attached, and I could make good use of the extra internal space.
The other side of the stock is held on by a single thumbscrew. I would have liked one at the top as well, but I don't have any suitable screws on-hand.
To allow mags to actually fit into the blaster, I had to hollow out the thumbhole stock arm piece. I would have liked to keep the arm solid for aesthetics, but it didn't line up quite right.
Top view, as I mentioned earlier I wanted this one top be flat-topped. The requisite bulge to accomodate the flywheels is a bit annoying, but I like how it's turned out. The killswitch now sits right behind the cheek rest.
A look at the other side of the shell, I used Jase3D motor covers. In hindsight, a BSUK pusher cover would have sufficed, but I hadn't planned the sling attachment point that far in advanced.
I also have a Jase3D curved rev trigger, and I really like how it feels compared to the standard rev trigger.
The MkII takes attachments just fine, though I wouldn't normally use it with any barrel extension anyway.
Surprisingly, the 18 drum fits in just fine. I was willing to lose the ability to use drums to maintain the aesthetics of the thumbhole stock piece, but as it turns out I didn't need to. I don't know whether 25/35 drums work though.
Compared to the MkI Bullpup RS. The MkII is about the same length, but lacks the top carry handle/raised tac rail, and has much cleaner cuts and bodywork. It also has the benefit of screw ports that haven't been badly worn down, and internal supports that haven't been hastily cut away.

Performance is about as intended, 125-135fps depending on darts, at about 13-14dps depending on charge.
I quite like how the MkII turned out, it handles well, looks cool, feels very solid and performs exactly as I'd hoped. It will replace the old MkI as my go-to primary and will hopefully be getting some combat use soon.
I have no current plans to paint it. While I would love to, I don't currently have the time, money or resources to dedicate to such an endeavour.

These next few pics are of the MkII in progress.

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