Monday, 1 August 2016

Quick Mod: Micro Front Rail Attachment

Something I've always wanted for my Bullpup RS and Elite Rayven is a front rail for attaching foregrips, without extending barrel length significantly. While I've gotten by just fine without any proper foregrip, I really wanted to have a foregrip but didn't want the extra barrel length from an ordinary barrel attachment. I came up with this, with a spare Retal barrel and Rayven muzzle.

This attachment I've made is ridiculously short, with a faux barrel of only 3.5cm long. It's pathetically small compared to even the shortest of Nerf's barrel extensions.
As I mentioned before, this attachment was designed specifically to support a foregrip. I've left just enough tactical rail to hold a foregrip on, much the same as my shortened Retal barrel. The Rayven muzzle was added to make the rail piece look a bit less awkward. It accepts the Spectre suppressor attachment, as well as the Jase3D flash hider.
I personally think it works quite well. Since the tac rail has been filled with hot glue for rigidity, the foregrip doesn't wobble around any more than on my shortened Retal barrel. Some quick (and pretty terrible) approximate range testing seems to suggest that this barrel has minimal, if any, effect on range (or performance for that matter), though naturally some chrony testing would be more reliable and accurate. I'll be giving it a shot probably during the next MHvZ to see if it's comfortable in combat, reliable and worth using. I certainly like the extra comfort of having a proper foregrip, but if it costs performance or reliability, it won't get used.


  1. The Nerf CommenTATER13 October 2017 at 11:10

    Have you ever done a mod guide on how you did that sweet retaliator grip mod? I have seen it before, and I would like to see how you did it.

    1. The process is simple:
      1) Cut off grip
      2) Cut to desired angle
      3) Stick back on
      There's more material and adhesive inside for reinforcement.