Friday, 4 July 2014

Mod: Shortened Retaliator Barrel

This one's purely for tacticool, since it's been pretty well established that Nerf faux barrel are typically more detrimental to performance than helpful.
This shortened barrel is pretty easy to make. Just cut a regular Retaliator barrel down the middle, just in front of the screw ports. Then add useless tacticool things to make it look cooler. In my case I added barrel's iron sight and the muzzle from an Alpha Trooper.
One important feature I kept was the bottom tactical rail. Because of the blocks that usually keep a grip forward, these blocks now serve to keep attachments from falling off, since the usual tactical rail lock has had to be removed.
More pics after the break.
Here's the shortened barrel against some other barrel extensions.

You can see that the shortened barrel is just a little bit shorter than the Spectre barrel. The Spectre barrel causes less range loss though because its faux barrel is wider. The shortened barrel is of course about half the length of a regular Retaliator barrel. Compared to a Longstrike or Longshot barrel, it's about a third of the length.

Here's the barrel on an N-Strike Rayven. It works pretty well as a grip since the Rayven isn't really designed for two-handing. Add some attachments and you get a really cool looking carbine-y thingy.
I'll be getting an Elite Rayven in a few weeks, so it'll look even more awesome.

Here's the barrel on a Retaliator. It doesn't work that well without a stock, but with a stock it looks again like a cool carbine-y thing.

And finally on a Stryfe. Again it looks pretty cool and carbine-y, and again for me it doesn't seem to work well without a stock.

Here's some shots of the front, as requested.
Naturally being a barrel extension with a faux barrel, you'll lose a little muzzle velocity and thus range by using this attachment. But personally, I'd definitely use it on a Rayven or Retaliator for comfort for my off hand, since without attachments neither of them is great for two-handing.


  1. Could you please show front view picture? Also are there any alternatives to the alpha trooper muzzle? Thanks!

    1. You can use basically any muzzle you want, it's just a matter of adhering the muzzle to the barrel. I used an AT muzzle because I had it lying around and it was surprisingly easy to stick on, but you could use the Retal barrel muzzle, a Barricade/Stockade muzzle, heck you could use a Stampede muzzle if you were feeling creative/crazy.
      Picture is coming.

    2. Thanks! I have another question... What did you use to stick the muzzle on to the barrel? I don't have any epoxy putty at the moment so I was wondering if hot glue would hold properly.

    3. I just used hot glue. There'a little bit of the piece that holds the faux barrel sticking out, and I adhered the AT muzzle to that. So it's reasonably secure, even with just a bit of hot glue.

  2. Thanks! This is my modded retaliator barrel.

    1. Nice! I like that duckbill suppressor thing.

  3. this is what I am thinking on doing with my Recon Barrel attachment, after I replace the broken barrel with Pvc pipe

  4. Awesome; Just did this with a Recon barrel painted white, As i didin't want to use my actual retaliator barrel. Worked like a charm.