Saturday, 24 May 2014

True Flat Ranges to Come!

So some time ago I posted that my ranges were not true flat. But behold!
Future ranges will all be "true flat". I may go and revise past ranges, provided those blasters are still stock.

Just as an example of true flat vs perceived flat ranges, here are some numbers.
(blaster, true flat, perceived flat)
EAT, ~20m, ~25m
W/O Longstrike, 12-13m, 15m
Retal 1, 15-20m, ~20-25m
Retal 2, 18-20m, ~25-30m
Stryfe, 16-17m, ~20m
Sweet Revenge, 17m, 17m

Note that of all the blasters tested, the only one that was actually held flat before the level was the Sweet Revenge, the only blaster that was held like a pistol.
Thanks to trig, I've also determined that for clip (mag) system blasters with the Stockade stock, I naturally hold the blaster 9.65 degrees above the horizontal.

Conclusion? I'm a scumbag for giving non-flat ranges, yet asserting that they were flat. Sorry about that.
Future ranges will be true flat as they will be measured using the above device. Of the past ranges I've given, the ones for pistol type blasters are probably more accurate than the ones I've given for larger blasters, since I seem to hold pistol blasters more level than larger blasters.


  1. You are not alone in angling your shots without thinking. Everyone does it, that is why chrono is the only accurate comparable means of testing performance and mods. Range tests are good for curiosity, but you can't use them for tuning.
    Good on you for owning up to your errors though, hardly anyone seems to do that. Interesting to see that cost at least 5m for most of the tests.

  2. Nice solution. Do you mind if I make something like that too?
    Good job owning up to your errors, few people seem to do that. :)

    1. Why would I mind, it's not like I'm going to copyright it to make a tonne of royalties lol.
      You don't even need a spare tac rail clip, just get a large bull clip.