Friday, 30 May 2014

A wild Zombie Strike Longshot appears!

Thanks to Basic Nerf for the post, a new ZS blaster!
Normally I don't post new blaster posts, but I thought this one deserved it.
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Yep, it seems the Longshot is not gone just yet!
Comes with Longshot in turquoise, orange LS Scope, and a 12 dart clip (mag) with 12 ZS darts. And that of course means no stupid useless underbarrel blaster attachment (which unlike Roughcut Masterkeys is incredibly bad)!
Note the lack of detailing on the stock, the slightly different ZS logo, the sticker that probably says "Exclusive to Target" or therabouts and the lack of bipod.

Also note the lack of a range claim. Hopefully this means that Nerf is sticking with regular Longshot internals, rather than replacing it with some other, smaller plunger system.

Us modders will probably be happy since it means an easy source of stock Longshots (for those of us who don't have access to Nerf stocking charity shops). For collecters, it's probably a different story since "ugh, another Longshot in a new colour I have to get".
Considering the number of people just getting into Nerf though, this is a great way to help newbie modders since it was (and still is) one of the best blasters for a variety of mods of varying complexity.

Naturally there have been questions on its legitimacy. Major arguments include the following:
  • The bipod holes look unusual
  • The bolt handle in the cartoon picture is not a regular Longshot bolt, instead the left bolt is just cut off
  • The total lack of the bipod
  • Lack of the "Longshot" raised portion on the front barrel section
So is this real? Well it was posted by a reputable site, however the fact that Nerf is pulling the Longshot of all blasters out is a little suspicious.
The description provided by said sites though seems pretty legit. It sounds just like other blaster descriptions, just neglecting to mention any range claims.

My thoughts?

Lack of detailing on the stock is a minor complaint, I liked the old stocks which had different grey accents.
Lack of bipod isn't a concern for me, it just makes it easier to attach shotgun grips =D
That orange scope I feel doesn't match the Longshot very well, but at least it'll work with the orange Elites.
The orange striping on the front is kind of cool, but I personally don't like the turquoise much myself. The red/blue or even yellow Longshots look better I feel than this one. But hey, it's a Longshot.
The inclusion of a 12 dart clip (mag) over the LSFG was a good decision. Pretty much noone uses the LSFG since it's so incredibly terrible, and I absolutely love the 12 dart clip (mag). It works really well with the Longshot too.
I kind of feel like the ZSLS was rushed a little. The lack of detailing on the rear half of the blaster is a bit disappointing and a little suspicious, since all the other LSs had painted stocks. I feel like the stock is really boring without paint.

I personally would get one if it does come out, but just one because I'm not a fan of the colour.


  1. my only worry is more air restrictors.

    1. Drill with long drillbit says hi to the extra air restrictors.
      I think Nerf if anything would improve the ARs to allow for better airflow and be more competitive with other stock blasters. A stock Longshot is actually pretty terrible compared to Elites.


    1. We'll have to wait and see. It's entirely possible that they've gotten Elite ranges from the LS and they'll downtune it for us, but as it was an N-Strike blaster it's possible they won't bother at all.

  3. top rail accessory! *faints*

    1. Haha yep, probably the first top rail accessory from the new lines (beside the limited release EPPS)

  4. Has this been released in Australia yet?