Thursday, 22 August 2013

Loadouts 10: Personal Loadouts Part 2

Scenario Description: Loadouts that we use.
Keys to Victory: N/A
Unnecessary Burdens: N/A


Clip (Mag) System 1a (General use)

Primary: Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 (Retal stock, EPPS, 12/18 dart clip [mag], Secret Strike Pocket Shotgun on side rail, BT V2 8.5kg spring)
Secondary: Elite Triad EX-3
Gear: N-Strike Tactical Vest
Ammo: 12/18 dart clips (mags), whatever suitable darts (most likely to be stefans or Elite darts) 
Purpose: To provide well rounded, tacticool and generally awesome clip (mag) system-ness.
Strengths: Range (primary), ROF, reloading is fast, SSPS provides emergency/spread shots at reasonable range, secondary is good and reliable, jamming is rare, looks amazingly tacticool and awesome
Weaknesses: Accuracy (unless use of stefans, primary specific), primary is useless while reloading
Description: Because the Elite AT uses a direct plunger over the N-Strike AT's reverse plunger, the EAT has more potential and is easier to get up to great ranges. Additionally firing it is much more quiet because the AR is still intact, and the EAT looks much better because it has had minimal modding done to it. I am awaiting the results of an AR removal test to see whether or not I should remove it.

Clip (Mag) System 2a (General use)

Primary: Elite Stryfe (whatever attachments I feel like, 12/18 dart clips [mags], 2 or 3 14500s, rewired)
Secondary: Elite Triad EX-3
Gear: N-Strike Tactical Vest
Ammo: 12/18 dart clips (mags), whatever suitable darts (most likely to be stefans or Elite darts)
Purpose: To provide tacticool flywheel goodness, which gives easy to get high ranges and spammability
Strengths: Range (primary), ROF, reloading is super fast, secondary is good and reliable, practically no chance of jams
Weaknesses: Accuracy (unless use of stefans, primary specific), primary must be revved up for max range, rapid fire reduces range temporarily, range lost over time due to draining of batteries
Description: As said earlier, the Stryfe is the most tacticool blaster I've used, beating the Recon by one tac rail. It's also very light, surprisingly thin and looks awesome, along with performing very well. Essentially it acts the same as a Rayven, but is more quiet, more tacticool and more smooth to use, which is why I prefer it over the Rayven.

Clip (Mag) System 3a (WIP, Sniper)

Primary: N-Strike Longshot CS-6 (brass breech, varying spring combinations, Scout IX-3 on bottom, N-Strike Pinpoint Sight, Slydev Front and Rear Iron Sights (no drop), Slydev Longshot Front Tac Rail, Slydev Tac Rail Sling Loop, Secret Strike Pocket Shotgun on side, 12 dart clip [mag])
Secondary: Spectre REV-5/Snapfire 8/Triad EX-3
Gear: N-Strike Tactical Vest
Ammo: 12 dart clips (mags), stefans
Purpose: To provide high power, high accuracy clip (mag) fed goodness from the revered Longshot.
Strengths: Range (primary), reloading, blaster can still be loaded while reloading, accuracy, can have shotgun effect by double/triple feeding
Weaknesses: ROF is lacking, Longshot is quite bulky
Description: Simply updating the tacticool on the Longshot. Thanks primarily to Slydev for allowing so much tacticool. Ranges with stefans are beyond 30m (100ft), and Elites/Streamlines are far to unstable to accurately measure range.

Single Shot 1a (Sniper)

Primary: Avengers Hawkeye Bow (modded to fire darts)
Secondary: Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 (BT V2 8.5kg spring, 12/18 dart clip [mag])
Gear: N-Strike Tac Vest
Ammo: 12/18 dart clips (mags), suitable darts (Elites or Stefans)
Purpose: To provide high range and accuracy firepower, with clip (mag) fed rapid fire backup
Strengths: Range (primary), accuracy (primary), rapid fire (secondary), reloading (secondary)
Weaknesses: Reloading (primary), accuracy (secondary)
Description: A Stryfe is a great blaster, but the fact remains that because it's a flywheeler it need to be revved up to fire. In those times when you don't have time to rev up, you're left with the sole option of running away. To avoid this, you need a non-flywheel secondary, and thus the EAT was chosen. Why? Well, besides the EAT being an all round great blaster, most importantly it has no fire delay. While with the Stryfe you have to rev up to fire, with the EAT you can just whip it out and fire. Obviously the EAT is larger than the Stryfe, but as a sniper I don't really intend to do a lot of running unless absolutely necessary.

Airgun 1 (Sniper)

Primary: Buzz Bee Big Blast (couplered, Raider stock on pump)
Secondary: Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 (BT V2 8.5kg spring, 12/18 dart clip [mag])
Gear: N-Strike Tac Vest
Ammo: 12/18 dart clips (mags), suitable darts (Elites or Stefans)
Purpose: When you just have to outrange everyone else by a ridiculous margin
Strengths: Range is absurd (primary), accuracy (primary), rapid fire (secondary), reloading (secondary)
Weaknesses: Reloading (primary), accuracy (secondary)
Description: Just a quick note to make this section make more sense, the average engagement ranges that my friends have is at most 15m, because the blasters we use are generally stock or lightly modded. Buzz Bee Big Blasts are well respected blasters in the modding community, because of their huge airtanks, low retail price and general modding potential and ease of modding. Anyway, when I say 'range is absurd', I mean it. My 4B can fire stefans beyond 55m (180ft), making it a true Nerf sniper. So we've got range well and truly covered, the EAT is for if someone gets too close. It's not like I actually want to hurt my friends...

EDIT: Don't pay the exact range claim too much stock, just know that 4Bs far outclass the blasters we normally use when it comes to range.

Airgun 2 (Psuedo-Sniper/NIC war)

Primary: Nerf Supermaxx 1500 (overhauled for stefans)
Secondary: Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 (BT V2 8.5kg spring, 12/18 dart clip [mag])
Gear: N-Strike Tac Vest
Ammo: 12/18 dart clips (mags), suitable darts (Elites and Stefans)
Purpose: For a balance of high range and ROF
Strengths: Range (primary), accuracy (primary), ROF vs other airguns (primary), ROF (secondary), reloading
Weaknesses: Accuracy (secondary), ROF (primary)
Description: The Supermaxx 1500 is well known among the Nerf modding community for respectable ranges (100-130ft depending on stefan) as well as a higher than usual ROF for an airgun (has a turret as well as a small tank, meaning low pump count). This makes it superior against most other airguns at mid range encounters, but without the ridiculous range of (say) a 4B, it isn't a true sniper type blaster. Again, because of the inherent slow firing of an airgun plaguing the SM1500, I have an EAT for backup close-mid range rapid fire.


  1. I've been on the fence about getting the Nerf Tac Vest or the Condor Chest Rig that BasicNerf uses. What's your opinion on the vest? Is it comfortable? How many mags/darts can it hold?

    1. Hi Toasty,

      I'm afraid I can only answer part of your question as I don't actually own a Tactical Vest nor a Condor Chest Rig. I'm also mainly a Vortex user, so I don't use N-Strike/Elite CS blasters.

      However, my opinion on the (N-Strike) Tactical vest is that it's a good accessory for holding your N-Strike clips, blasters and darts and it's well worth the price.

      The vest holds 4 clips and 12 darts. It's the same as the Bandolier except that the mag/dart holders are in a more convenient position.

      I personally think the Elite vest isn't as good as it doesn't have a fully fledged holster that the N-Strike one has.

    2. The Tac Vest holds 4 clips, 12 darts, a smallish blaster and some small items in a zip pouch.
      6 clips work well in the clip holders (but noone really uses 6 clips anyway). 12 clips also work well, although they can fall out if not secured properly. 18 clips are a little too large and heavy, and drums don't work well.
      12 individual darts can be held in small loops on the top of the vest. They're a little squeezy, but they work for any regular sized darts.
      The little zip pouch is a useful feature, and as you'd expect it can hold all sorts of things, like a Jolt or extra darts.

      The built in holster can hold a variety of small blasters like the Maverick or Strongarm. They're quite secure if the holster is tightened correctly and the little velcro hook thingy is put through the trigger hole or around the handle.

      As for comfort, the vest is a little small for anyone beyond about 13 years old, although I deal with it because it's the only thing I have that holds clips properly.

      I suspect that BasicNerf's Condor Chest Rig thingy is a more comfortable and suitable option, particularly for 18 clips, so if you've got the money to spend, and use 18 clips a lot that'll be the better option. If you're low on cash though, or use smaller clips, the Nerf Tac Vest is perfectly fine.

  2. Outback nerf, on the EAT AR removal Torukmakto4 has data showing 3-5fps gain with it removed.
    To balance that other modders and OMW recommend leaving it in if updating the spring to reduce wear.

    1. 3-5fps gain isn't particularly significant when considering stock velocity measurements are (I think) around 50+fps. Yes it translates to a range increase, but not so much so that the range is increased significantly. Obviously the effect is magnified with stronger springs, but unless you're using an 8kg+ spring I don't think the extra wear and tear is worth the minimal range increase. Is the 3-5fps gain with stock (US) spring?
      And yes, ARs significantly decrease the wear and tear on a blaster, but hey if you handle them right they're not gonna break for a long time anyway. If you use a high power spring in a blaster in weekly Nerf wars, then yeah something's gonna break, but weekly warring will produce significant wear and tear to pretty much any blaster, even a bone stock one.