Monday, 26 August 2013

HFCBE - Nerf Elite Retaliator

The Retaliator is one of the first Elite blasters, being a remake of the old Recon CS-6. With it comes a slide priming which many people feel is awkward and uncomfortable. Additionally without slam fire it cannot fire as fast as an Alpha Trooper, but how fast can it fire?
Even without slam fire, the Retaliator can put out a very decent ROF.
Time: 5.53sec
No. darts fired: 18
ROF: 3.07dps or 184.4dpm


  1. The Retaliator desperately needs slam-fire

    1. There's not much space in the shell for a slam fire mech. Besides, the redesign, remolding and recasting of the shell and all the relevant parts of the Retal (trigger, catch, probably boltsled and some locks) would probably cost way too much for Nerf to consider releasing one with slam fire.
      Besides, a Retaliator with slam fire is not really a Retaliator, but more of a slide action EAT.
      The slam fire slide action would be ridiculous though. You already lose some accuracy with slam firing the pump action blasters, and adding slam fire to the Retaliator would lose so much accuracy from the prime back action that you might as well not use it and just take a single good shot.
      If you really want slam fire on a clip fed pistol, get an EAT and bolt action/slide action mod it, rather than taking a Retaliator and making it slam fire.