Monday, 18 July 2011

Nerf Dart Tag Furyfire Usage Tips

Some usage tips for my new favourite.

1) Keep the Furyfire at full capacity. It's very easy to reload individual darts, and 10 darts isn't exactly a whole lot.
2) Refrain from spamming, unless completely necessary. Likewise with 1), 10 darts isn't a whole lot. If anything can teach you that, a Magstrike can.
3) No need to attach stuff to the tac rail - it's accurate enough using the tac rail, unless you're doing a night war and need light.
4) Learn to fire fast. With a lack of slam fire the Furyfire takes a lot of practice to fire quickly, but it can be rewarding in the event you need it.
5) Outdoors, the Furyfire is outclassed by air blasters and direct plungered blasters (The Furyfire is reverse plungered). Use it as a secondary outdoors if you don't like the Barricade. Alternatively, get a Hyperfire (it's direct plungered).


  1. I thought the hyper fire was reverse plunger.

    1. The hyperfire does is fact have a small direct plunger.