Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Nerf Dart Tag Furyfire Review

The Furyfire is a 10 dart revolver. It is under the Dart Tag range, hence the odd colours. It also comes with 2 vests (in green and orange), 2 DT safety glasses and 20 DT darts (10 each). This is definitely my favourite revolver.

The Furyfire in my opinion looks excellent, although the choice of colours in my opinion wasn't the best. They look rather like miniature revolving grenade launchers.

The 2 vests included are very small, but still fit on me (weirdly). I'm 165cm + tall, yet the vest doesn't seem out of place. Out of size, yes, but not out of place. They are meant for the darts to stick on to as they are made of felt (I think) and the darts have velcro strips (hook end). This lets you see where you got hit, and the vests have 3 target areas for more fun.

The 2 safety glasses are really small (being designed for like 10 year olds), but for whatever reason they fit OK on my head. Unfortunately, as I require prescription glasses because my eyesight isn't 20/20 I can't wear those glasses. Apparently they're really tough (according to Oznerf) and can withstand the shots from the most powerful blasters (read: Singled Titan) and not get dented or scratched. Usage tips here.

DT darts are often praised for being awesome. They get awesome range, being almost on par with Whistlers, while being almost as accurate as Suctions. In the Furyfire 2 pack you get 20 - 10 orange and 10 green. These are used for denoting team stuff, so you don't get hit by friendly fire.

Now onto the Furyfire and why it's my favourite blaster. The Furyfire is pump-action. The pump grip is very comfortable and quite easy to pull back. I believe that this is because it is small enough that your hand can wrap around the entire grip to provide excellent...grip. Even with it's spring, which to me feels quite strong.
The Furyfire's turret rotates upon trigger pull, making loading and reloading easy. You can load 7 darts before needing to rotate the turret, so you only need to pull the trigger twice to completely fill the turret. This is a real advantage when needing to reload.
The turret is very open on both sides allowing this easy reloading.
The Furyfire also holds an extra dart in the handle.

Although the Furyfire has a tac rail, there are two main issues:
1) It doesn't look great with any attachments - trust me, I've tried them.
2) Colour. Furyfire's aren't yellow.

I find the Furyfire a little front-heavy (no stock or other rear structure) and the handle is a little small. Other than that, I have no real problems with it.
Now onto the important stuff. Just to emphasize it's awesomeness, I'm going to make a list of sorts.

Cost: $39 (for 2-pack)
Cost for single unit: Less than $20
Range: Depends on darts:
DT darts: ~14m
Whistlers 14-15+m (ie awesome for a stock blaster)
Accuracy: Excellent with DT darts or Whistlers
ROF: approx 3 darts per second. The grip is comfortable, but there's no slam fire.
Awesomeness/Win factor: Over 9000.

To sum up, decent capacity, good ROF, great range and accuracy, great price.

Furyfires in close quarters can hold their own against Elite blasters even in close quarters, so even in this modern age of increased range, Furyfires are a viable option.

Power and accuracy are excellent, high capacity for a revolver, pump action allowing for good ROF, turret area is quite open allowing for easy reloading, generic revolver pros
Generic revolver cons 

Power: 6/7
Accuracy: 4.5/5
Value for Money: 5/5
Usefulness: 4.5/5
Rate of fire: 3.5/5
Overall: 4.36/5

Personal Rating: 4/5 - my favourite big revolver.

Great performance, great functionality, super cheap.


  1. This is titan. Should I get one and mod it?

    1. Well the furyfire doesnt have much mod potential, it has a pretty small reverse plunger. It is decent for close quarters but otherwise isnt that great.

    2. This is titan. Why won't my Hyper fire line up with the Plunger?

    3. Most likely a worn out piece in the rotation mech. I had one like that, couldn't find any way to fix it.

  2. This is titan. What should I do?

    1. Probably just give up? I honestly don't think the Hyperfire is worth too much effort, although I am biased from running either dual Sweet Revenges or Rapidstrikes and nothing in between.

    2. This is titan. But I really like the hyper fire...