Sunday, 3 June 2018

Quick Review: Lightake/NFstrike AccuMegas

At this month's HvZ, we had a pool of new Lightake/NFstrike Accufake Megas to try out. I borrowed some for a quick review.

AccuMegas are essentially Mega darts with an Accustrike tip instead of the standard Mega tip. There are a few notable differences between the two.
AccuMegas, at least the ones I borrowed, tended to be a millimetre or two shorter than standard Nerf Megas.
Additionally, AccuMegas are nearly 30% heavier than standard Nerf Megas.
Finally, AccuMegas have a far more solid tip. While the standard Mega tip is readily compressible, the AccuMega tip is very solid and has practically no give to it.
Unfortunately, the only Mega blaster I have on hand is an AR removed Hotshock. The AccuMegas fired just fine from it, with no apparent issues.
As usual, chrono data can be found here.

On average out of my AR removed Hotshock, AccuMegas saw a ~13% loss of muzzle velocity compared to standard Nerf Megas. This translated to a minor loss of maximum and average range. However, accuracy is subtantially improved with AccuMegas, and it is actually possible to reliably hit a human-sized target beyond 6 metre range. This is a huge improvement over standard Nerf Megas, which are basically worthless beyond 5 metres.
In combat, this made Mega blasters far more effective and reliable beyond point-blank range, though outside of the Mega Zombie (which I'll detail in the upcoming Game Report), still had little practical reason to be used over conventional ammo types.
One last note I'd like to make is that the much stiffer tip makes AccuMegas hit noticeably harder than standard Megas when fired at the same velocity and distance.

Overall, AccuMegas seem to be a mostly superior alternative to standard Megas. While they lose a little velocity and range, at least out of a mostly stock Hotshock, they have far superior accuracy and consistency. I'd certainly recommend giving them a shot if you're in the market for a less terrible Mega dart.

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