Friday, 15 September 2017

Quick Mod: Titan Hyperions in a Stryfe

Flywheel motors are moving almost entirely towards 3S, which is a little unfortunate for me as much of my gear is set up for 2S. This includes my Stryfe, which was previously running on Blade 180s/-3240s. I was finding their torque to be just a little low, so wanted to pick up a 2S flywheel motor with more torque that wasn't the expensive and now discontinued XP180. The next best 2S flywheel motor on the market is the Titan Hyperion, so I picked up a pair of those.

Titan Hyperions are a "132" can motor, a motor slightly longer than the typical 130 size. More length of course allows for more torque with the same current draw. These "132" motors are claimed to fit into stock shells, however depending on soldering technique, this may not be possible. In a typical flywheeler such as the Stryfe, a "132" motor's terminals are pretty much touching the inside face of the shell, leaving no room for error of soldering. Such little space also increases the risk of shorting the circuit across the motor can itself. This wasn't a problem in my case, as the Stryfe in question was already set up for 180s.

The Titan Hyperion's specs can be found on this database sheet. They spin very slightly faster than Blade 180s/-3240s (33krpm vs 31.8krpm), and develop around 19% more torque ( vs They still pale in comparison to any decent 3S motor though, such as the regular Hellcat ( or the FoamBlast Fang (
The Stryfe in question had been set up with a red Artifact cage, and some Artifact G2 flywheels. In terms of muzzle velocity, this particular setup was averaging ~140fps with used grey Koosh. Raw data can be found on the Titan Hyperion page in my chrony document. Spin-up time was slightly improved compared to Blade 180s/-3240s as expected.

I sourced my Titan Hyperions from BlasterTech for 4.50AUD each, which is perfectly reasonable price. As usual, their processing time and customer service were top notch.

Overall I'm pretty happy with Titan Hyperions as a 2S flywheel motor. They develop good torque at a tolerable, but still quite high, current draw, and have a good speed range for flywheeling purposes. That said however, as mentioned previously, it is humiliated by most good 3S flywheel motors, and the Titan Hyperion is already the best currently available and well known 2S flywheel motor. With that said, the only real reason to use it is if a 3S LiPo (or equivalent) is simply not feasible, and 2S (or equivalent) is all that will work. There are many good motors out there that, besides the 2S vs 3S debate, are objectively superior.

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  1. Nice, i planed to do a similar build with an OFP cage, and the new black worker wheels.
    thx for sharing