Thursday, 29 June 2017

Quick Review: BlasterTech Stryfe Motor Cover and Grip Extension

Received a package of parts from BlasterTech today, a Stryfe motor cover, a Stryfe grip extension, and two Meishel 2.0 motors. I'll be installing the Meishel 2.0s into my Jyn Erso blaster at some point, but the Stryfe parts I could install immediately.

First up is the motor cover. It's a fairly good looking piece, fairly sleek and low profile, though also kept rather simple. Like most other motor cover designs, it has some holes on the top, however notably has a number of gaps around the sides.

The underside of the motor cover has plenty of space for the motor terminals of a 180-sized motor and all the necessary wiring and soldering.

Compared to a BSUK Stryfe motor cover. Besides obvious stylistic differences, the BT motor cover lacks the sharp outside edge that makes the BSUK cover notably and annoyingly uncomforable.

Installed on my Stryfe, the BT motor cover is quite well shaped and suits the Stryfe body design nicely.

Focusing on the aforementioned gaps in the side. This shot also shows off how much extra space the motor cover provides, with the motor terminals being nowhere near the inside surface of the motor cover.
The BlasterTech Stryfe motor cover works just fine as a 180 motor cover, with the one caveat of the side gaps exposing the motors and wiring to a little more of the elements and the environment than most other motor covers. Besides that potential issue, I quite like the design of it. As is the case for the majority of motor covers, whether you use the BT motor cover or another design is almost entirely personal aesthetic/stylistic preference. The BT Stryfe motor cover is sold for 10AUD.

The more interesting piece in this package however is the Stryfe grip extension. This is a piece designed to fill in the sling point in the Stryfe's handle, making the effective handle overall much larger.

It's a two part, symmetrical piece held on by friction and a single screw.

Here's the grip extension installed on my Stryfe. It's a very simple installation, simply unscrew it, fit it around the sling point and reinstall the screw. Naturally this also makes it completely removable if desired.
Here's my hand on the now-extended grip. Despite never having any real issue with the Stryfe handle previously, I immediately noticed and appreciated the difference that the grip extension made. With so much more effective handle length, the Stryfe's handle is a lot more comfortable, especially for larger hands.

Besides the obvious loss of the handle sling point, I have one particular, though minor, complaint with the Stryfe grip extension. Presumably due to the printing process, the bottom edges of the grip extension are a little sharper than ideal. This is of course easily fixable with a few minutes with some sandpaper.
If you don't use the handle sling point of your Stryfe or find the grip of the Stryfe at all uncomfortable, I would definitely recommend giving the BT Stryfe grip extension a look. It makes the handle as a whole much larger and more comfortable without affecting its length or handling. Even if you do use the handle sling point, I would still recommend considering the grip extension and changing your sling setup (if possible) if you find the handle too short or uncomfortable. The BT Stryfe grip extension is available for 9AUD.

Finally here's an overall shot of my Stryfe with its new additions. It contains parts from a range of different aftermarket suppliers, including BlasterTech (of course), Jase3D, Artifact, and Worker. The motors, which are currently Blade 180s (FK180SH-3240), will likely/hopefully be replaced with newer 2S motors that have longer shafts, though I have yet to select a replacement, in hopes of an ideal 2S 180 motor becoming available.

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