Thursday, 22 September 2016

Worker Parts: Stryfe Mag Release, Thumbscrews, RS Pusher

I received a package from China containing a variety of Worker and Artifact parts. I'll be talking about the Artifact parts in a future post, but I thought I might as well do a quick post on all the other parts I bought.

Thumbscrews are a pretty self explanatory piece, battery bay screws that are designed to be turnable by hand. This removes the need for screwdrivers to open the battery bay which is especially convenient at events. Worker sells several different types and sizes of thumbscrews for different blasters. Price wise they are ridiculously cheap, so getting specifically Worker ones is really a matter of whether or not you can buy the same size thumbscrews from elsewhere. I personally had a look around but couldn't find anything suitable, so just went for the Worker ones, but they are fundamentally no different to a generic thumbscrew of the same dimensions.
The Rapidstrike's thumbscrews are rather different, due to the design of the battery tray door. They protrude a lot further out to be easily grasped and turned. Naturally they also cost a bit more.

Worker makes an extended lever mag release for the Stryfe. It's injection molded rather than 3D printed, and has quite a nice design. It also includes a stronger mag release spring.

It's a simple drop in piece, just unscrew and remove the old mag release parts and drop in the new parts.

It's quite a nice piece, being much nicer to press with your middle finger than the stock mag release. The stronger spring also makes for a much more crisp feel when you press it. This mag release is of an intermediate length, being shorter than some of the popular lever releases (e.g. Gavinfuzzy's), but naturally being much larger than the stock release. I personally feel that it is a bit too short to comfortably actuate with your off hand thumb while grabbing the mag, but regardless it is a pretty nice piece for a ridiculously low price.

The last piece I got is an extended Rapidstrike pusher. I've heard some suggestions that the increased beheading and damage caused by Worker flywheels is due to the darts being pushed slightly short of the flywheels, and so the flywheels only grab onto the tip. Since I intend to run concave flies on my Bullpup RS for the forseeable future, I decided to grab an extended pusher. Naturally it could have been easily done just by supergluing a small piece of plastic on the front of the stock pusher, but I wanted it to look more professional.
Like with the Stryfe mag release, it's a simple drop in part that directly replaces the stock piece. I've only tried it a little bit as my Bullpup is currently awaiting some Artifact parts, but it seems to work just fine and has given me no issues yet.

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