Friday, 6 June 2014

Left Handed Sweet Revenge Holster

The Rebelle Sweet Revenge comes with its own cheap plastic holster. Unfortunately for lefties and dual wielders, the holster only supports right handed holstering. Though left handers are a minority of the population, being right side only compatible means that you have to go out and buy a left handed holster just to dual wield Sweet Revenges. So I set out to fix that.

Behold, the terribly cheap, messy, ugly and terrible mod to make your Sweet Revenge holster left handed.

  • Saw or rotary tool (rotary tool preferred)
  • File/rasp/other sanding devices (for cleaning up)
  • Hot glue gun (if using hot glue)
  • Scissors (for cutting e-tape)
  • Sweet Revenge holster (duh)
  • Cardboard or other slightly flexible material
  • Long, stiff, thin objects such as nails (at least 4)
  • Hot glue (other adhesives can be used but hot glue is cheap, easy to use, space filling and slightly flexible, making it pretty good for this application)
  • E-tape (other tapes can be used)

 As you can see here, the Sweet Revenge holsters very well for right handed use...

 ...but not so for left handed use.

So let's begin.

 First, make two cuts in the holster like so... separate the holster into three pieces. The left holds the turret holding arm, the middle holds the main body, and the right holds the tac rail.

 Rearrange the parts and dry fit them on top of the Sweet Revenge. It should like something like the one on the left. The right holster is the stock holster.

 E-tape the dry fitted pieces together so you can glue stuff on.

Cut out a piece of cardboard of roughly this size. It doesn't have to be any particular size or shape, it just has to reach both sides of the holster.

Hot glue it down onto all three pieces. Use excessive amounts of hot glue to secure it well.

Fill in those gaps with hot glue for extra strength.

Hot glue and a piece of cardboard won't be enough to hold the holster together, so get those four nails and hot glue them down. Use two of them to secure the left piece, and two to secure the right.

Go ahead and reinforce with other adhesives and more hot glue if you wish.

Now the main structure of the holster is done, but the other side has these four sharpish prongs. Lets get rid of them and use them to reinforce the holster.

Like so. Now the holster is no longer a threat to your health, and has slightly more strength than before.

Here you can better see the placement of the prongs.

And we're done! Use your file/rasp/sanding thing to clean up the holster, particularly on the inside to ensure smooth holstering/unholstering of the Sweet Revenge.

Here's the left handed holster on the left versus the stock holster on the right. It's clearly far messier and uglier than stock, but at least it has roughly the right dimensions.

 And here they are on my dual Sweet Revenges.

Congratulations! Now you can use your Sweet Revenge left handed.

Do I recommend this mod? Not really.
If you lack the money to go out and buy a proper left handed holster, or if the Sweet Revenge is the only sidearm you'll ever use, then sure this holster mod would save you some money. But if you're the sort of person who likes experimenting with different sidearm blasters, then your money is definitely better spent on getting a proper made holster.

New pic showing how much the cardboard has to be bent. Any other sheet you plan on using must be flexible enough to bend this much.


  1. Always recommend a mod you invented!
    If you changed the cardboard for abs or Styrene sheet, and the hot glue for Devcon you could be on to a really good idea. I often use hot glue as a clamp adhesive to hold parts in place whilst the Devcon hardens.

    1. Thanks!
      If you could bend the plastic sheet enough, probably through heating since it's not a shallow bend (see above pic), then that'd work far better than flimsy and weak cardboard.
      As for using Devcon as the main adhesive, that would probably work (as would most other plastic bonding epoxies), but I used hot glue because it's flexible. The holster flexes slightly when the Sweet Revenge is inserted (at least that's how the stock holster behaves, and that's how I built mine). If you changed it slightly so that the holster wouldn't flex, then sure any plastic adhesive would work perfectly.
      I actually have no idea how flexible Devcon is, since down here in Aus the main epoxy brand is Selley's, and the general use epoxy is ultra rigid.

  2. Wait!! You can buy left handed holster??!! Where can i get it?

    1. Nerf only makes right handed holsters, this is a mod to make one left handed.