Friday, 18 January 2013

Outback Nerf's 2nd Birthday

Today's a special day for Outback Nerf, marking the beginning of the 3rd year of Outback Nerf's operation. As a rare treat, I've decded to share the stats of the blog with you all.

Outback Nerf's views throughout its lifetime has been 203,579, with the peak views in December 2012, at just below 20,000.

 This blog is primarily viewed from Windows computers, followed by Macs and other Apple products, and last but not least portable devices, including (surprisingly) the PSP, and at one point also the PS3.

The country which views this blog most is the US, followed by Australia and the UK, which is expected considering this is an English blog, and also seeing as these are the three biggest Nerfing countries (by number of public Nerfers).
The most pageviews are from Google Chrome, Internet Exploder (which makes me sad), Firefox and Safari (as expected), and then the last ~5-10% from relatively unpopular browsers.
Surprisingly the most popular post is the Vulcan review, unsurprisingly followed by the Longshot vs Longstrike. Also to note is that the Retaliator review also has more than 1000 views, and is not on this list purely because it's too new to have the several thousands of views these veteran posts have.
Also unsurprisingly is the most popular page, the Various Blaster Cusomisations page which is the most picture heavy page of anything on this blog, and also one of the most interesting. This is followed by the traditional Nerf Collection page, and then by our trademark Aussie Nerf Stock page.

So...happy birthday to us!
Dericious, kaek.


  1. Major congratualtions, keep up all the awesome work, I enjoy reading current and older posts :)

    Happy Birthday to you all!! :)

  2. Congratz,great to see the number of views increase rapidly.And...Internet Exploder? Haha! Anyways,great job...well done... :)

  3. Congratulations for your work,this blog is awesome!