Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Loadouts 4: Offence - Rushing

There's no point having the best defensive Nerfers in the world if you can't bring the fight to your opponents. This loadouts post is dedicated to delivering maximum damage to your opponent's forces, not so much their base or fortress.
Scenario Description: Combat with concentration of enemies. Player is playing offensively with intent to tag as many as possible, or tag specific player(s). May or may not have backup teammates, depending on situation, severity and importance. Generally will not involve game factors other than players. Player intends to run in and tag as many enemies as possible and may sacrifice themself.
Keys to Victory: Rate of fire is key. Range and accuracy not as important because the player will be close enough to opponents to ensure tags. Fearlessness is helpful, especially with the loadouts that involving running. Fitness is important as you will be running a lot as an offensive player.
Unnecessary Burdens: Sidearms. Normally an attack will end one of two ways: total victory (all or majority of enemies tagged, few or no allies tagged) or failure (few or no enemies tagged, all or most allies tagged). As a result, you will either be alive to reload your primary(ies), running away or have been tagged, and are thus returning to base to respawn, therefore having plenty of time to reload.
Clip (Mag) System 1
Primary: Stampede ECS (with foregrip/bipod and shield if desired)
Secondary: None
Gear: Anything that holds clips (mags)/drums
Ammo: Numerous clips (mags)/drums
Purpose: To provide close range easily spammable running fire
Strengths: Firing on the move, rate of fire, capacity, reloading
Weaknesses: Range and accuracy are lacklustre, ROF is not that good compared to others in this list, size, weight, bulk
Description: The Stampede, as a full auto blaster, allows you to use one hand to aim and fire the Stampede, while the ease of one-handed firing also allows you more maneuverability. This advantage offsets the disadvantages of the (comparatively) low ROF and the general size and bulk of the Stampede. With the Stampede you can charge into or around a group of enemies, dodging darts while firing off a number yourself, then quickly retreat to switch clips (mags), and get back into the action. Sure, range and accuracy suck, but if you're fit and fast enough you should be able to get your opponents within a several metre range (enough to ensure hits), fire off a burst of darts, and run off.
I personally wouldn't use this loadout because I think the Stampede is too large and heavy, but it's an option. If you do want to use the Stampede, I recommend converting it into an SMG to reduce size and weight, and improve maneuverability.
I also recommend sticking with 18 clips (mags), because they're relatively light and easy to carry (if you're well equipped), yet provide reasonable capacity without bulk. The 35 drum is too large and heavy, 6 clips (mags) are too small, and the 18 drum is more prone to jamming than clips (mags). If you have any 12 clips (mags), they'd be a good asset as well.

Clip (Mag) System 2
Primary: Rayven CS-18
Secondary: Rayven CS-18 (if you wish to dual wield)
Gear: Anything that holds clips (mags)/drums
Ammo: Numerous clips (mags)/drums
Purpose: To provide easily spammable, highly maneuverable rapid fire clip (mag) system goodness
Strengths: Firing on the move, rate of fire, capacity, reloading, maneuverability
Weaknesses: Accuracy sucks, revving up to fire
Description: The Rayven, unlike the Stampede, does not have lacklustre range, so you don't have to get as close to your enemies to tag them. The Rayven also sports a higher rate of fire than the Stampede, provided your trigger finger is up to the challenge. The Rayven provides good run 'n' gun abilities thanks to its small size and one-handedness, ideal for offensive play. Although the Rayven does need to be revved up to fire, if you're charging towards your enemy they're likely to know, so revving up won't have any ill effects. I'd personally recommend running in closer in preference to revving up more because the closer you are the greater chance you have of hitting your target(s).
Again, I recommend sticking with 18 or 12 clips (mags) because of their design and capacity.

Air System 1 
Primary: Magstrike AS-10
Secondary: Alpha Trooper CS-18 OR Raider CS-35 OR Rayven CS-18 OR Magstrike AS-10 OR None
Gear: Anything that holds Magstrike clips and ammo for the secondary
Ammo: A few Magstrike clips, a few clips (mags)/drums if necessary
Purpose: To provide stupidly high rate of fire spammage so that noone can avoid being tagged
Strengths: Firing on the move, rate of fire is insane, reloading after emptying one mag
Weaknesses: Having to pump up every two mags
Description: The Magstrike, as a full auto air powered blaster, has the highest rate of fire of any Nerf blaster (as of late 2012), achieveing 7-10dps with a loud and satisfying rat-a-tat noise. With such a rate of fire, when used correctly it is almost impossible to avoid a burst from the Magstrike. Of course, there is the problem of reloading after you've emptied two clips (at full capacity a Magstrike can fire off two clips without re-pumping), but if you've survived that long chances are your enemies will have been defeated or the Magstrike is not suited for you.
Dual wield Magstrikes for twice the mayhem! Alternatively, carry an AT/Raider/Rayven so that when the Magstrike runs out, the fun's not over!
I recommend this for the fearless who don't mind the adreneline rush of being shot at from very close range. Also don't be afraid to waste ammo. As a rusher your main purpose is to take out enemy players, not keep yourself alive.

Air System 2

Primary: Rapid Fire AS-20
Secondary: Alpha Trooper CS-18 OR Raider CS-35 OR Rayven CS-18 OR Rapid Fire AS-20 OR None
Gear: Anything that holds darts
Ammo: Numerous darts
Purpose: To provide stupidly high rate of fire spammage so that noone can avoid being tagged
Strengths: Firing on the move, rate of fire is great, capacity
Weaknesses: Having to pump up after every set of 20 darts, low range, reload times
Description: The RF20 provides the same sort of rapid fire as the Magstrike, except it fires off twice the darts before reloading. Unfortunately because the RF20 uses a turret instead of just switching clips you have to reload every dart individually. In any case, the RF20 is a reasonable substitute for a Magstrike, and provides just as deadly firepower.

Revolver 1

Primary: Barricade RV-10 OR Elite Stockade
Secondary: Barricade RV-10 OR Elite Stockade (dual wield!)
Gear: Anything that holds darts, holsters for Barricade(s)
Ammo: Numerous darts
Purpose: To provide reasonably accurate rapid fire goodness from relatively small and lightweight revolvers
Strengths: Firing on the move, accuracy is better than anything else on this list, small(ish)
Weaknesses: Having to rev up to shoot, reloading
Description: The Barricade is, in a sense, a non-clip (mag)-fed Rayven, allowing for more precise but lower capacity spammage. The Barricade is also semi auto and flywheeled, like the Rayven, but unlike the Rayven the Barricade uses a turret. It can use all ammo except Streamline styled ammo, which is useful for ammo compatability. In any case, a pair of Barricades allows you to fire off 20 darts in a short amount of time with reasonable accuracy, and thus makes the Barricades a reasonable alternative to the other blasters here. If you're firing from long range, though, remember to let the flywheels rev up for max range, or run in closer so you don't need to rev up as much.

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