Monday, 13 August 2012

Elite Strongarm Speculations!

Yep, the day you've all been waiting for is here!
Let's start with the facts:
The N-Strike Elite Strongarm is a Maverick-Spectre hybrid of sorts, and surfaced on ebay a while ago. The seller was an old woman who apparently picked it up at a garage sale. It has a 6 dart capacity, and boasts Slam Fire, as well as relocating the tactical rail from the original Maverick design. It does shoot 75ft, consistent with the rest of the Elite line. This means a direct plunger system because, as you see, there are no flywheels :D
Well, the only thing I can really speculate on is the Slam Fire. I personally don't think you need Slam Fire on a 6-round blaster, but I have a theory on how Nerf did it. The chamber will revolve on the pulling back of the slide, and on the returning of it, the blaster will fire. You can see this in the trigger, it does not look like the it would rotate a barrel. I do not believe it will be like the Snapfire or the  "No-Brand Semi-Automatic Blaster", where the trigger pull primes and fires the blaster, that would make Slam Fire extremely difficult.

It can be inferred/assumed that barrel rotation will be on priming otherwise the slamfire would not work (trigger rotate would not work with slam fire).

Any thoughts? Leave a comment below!



  1. Wonder if the slide is spring-loaded... then it would make dual-wielding WAY easier.

    1. I don't think so given it has slam fire.
      Slam fire on a 6 round sidearm is kind of pointless given that function could have been swapped for a much more awesome dual wielding thing that made dual wielding easier. No idea how it would work, but for something like this
      dual wield > slam fire

  2. Id rather keep the Maverick REV-6