Friday, 6 July 2012

Nerf Whiteout Longstrike CS-6 War Review

New type of post. In these I summarise how the blaster fared against other blasters. Game type and scenario will be stated.
Name: Longstrike CS-6 (Whiteout)
Capacity Used: 18+6+6 + spares
Range: 15-20m
ROF: 1-2dps (most stable at 1)
Mods: AR removal, plunger reinforcement, spring replacement (OMW 5+kg)
Point of View: Users

Scenario: Outdoor, 2v2v2 TDM
Other blasters: AT*2 (stock), Recon (stock), Raider (AR removal, plunger reinforcement), Deploy (AR removal)
Outdoors, the Longstrike's superior power really showed. I was able to outrange all my opponents, allowing me to threaten them without fear of retaliation. The lack of ROF was not particularly evident due to said superiority, although in the occasions where opponents were close I did have difficulty tagging them when they were moving at high speed.
I was also vulnerable to rushes, because I'm quite a coward. As you could see from the videos if someone rushes I was unable to effectively counter them if I missed with the first shot, due to my lack of ROF. Luckily rushes were rare because of the threat of my blaster's power.

Overall, I think the Longstrike was highly effective outdoors, with the only flaw being vulnerability to CQC and rushes.

Scenario: Indoor, FFA
Other blasters: As above
Indoors the Longstrike's power was not so evident, and its size and design were hindrances. Its lack of ROF reduced my ability to retaliate when I was fired upon, and the design led to me exposing more of myself than I would have liked. Nevertheless, the power of the Longstrike aided as an intimidation factor, helping dissuade attack.
Rushes did not occur in this scenario because of the lack of maneuvering space, thus reducing dodge capability (a key factor of rushes). There was also the threat of ammo theivery.

Overall, I think an AT or even Recon would have been more effective in the situation because of their increased maneuverability and ROF.

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