Thursday, 23 February 2012

Nerf Vortex Praxis Usage Tips

Some usage tips for the best Vortex blaster so far.

1) Like the Proton, compensate for disc curving. It'll allow for better accuracy and more hits. It also allows curve shots around obstacles if you're skilled enough.
2) Try to keep 11 discs in the blaster at all times. The Praxis' included mag only holds 10, and as I always say, 10 isn't much.
3) Practice firing quickly. Without slam fire, ROF is limited to about 3 dps, which is still decent.
4) Like the Proton, use your longer range to your advantage. It'll give you/your teammates an opening, allowing for quick hits and wins.
5) Beware the dropping mag. When you touch the mag release, the mag falls out, slightly spring loaded. This helps quick reloads, but surprised me the first time it happened.
6) Swap out the stock. It's really flimsy (like the Recon's), making you fear you'll snap it if you lean too much on it.
7) Don't be afriad to remove the mag. Once you've chambered a disc, you can remove the mag and try to reload it, while still having a single shot in your Praxis to cover yourself. This is something most blasters can't do, so take full advantage of it.

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