Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Longshot LSFG Integration

I recently epoxied and blu-tacked my LSFG onto my Longshot after cutting a whole lot of stuff off. I would have used hot glue but the glue gun exploded before I could use it. :( I've got a new one, so hotglue reinforcements done.
The LSFG has had its AR's removed because it is pathetic. The Longshot is stock so far, until I get boltsled reinforcement brackets, at which point I'll mod it if I feel like it. I'm intending to do the following:
-Remove AR's
-Add NF spring
-Reinforce boltsled
-Reinforce stock (if needed)
-Reinforce LSFG integration (with hot glue)
The shotgun grip I've made is completely removable and works well, but is slightly uncomfortable (being wood).

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