Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Welcome to Nerf Blasters and Accessories!
This blog was inspired by good Nerf blogs such as:
Urban Taggers
SG Nerf
Nerf Mods & Reviews

In this blog, I wIll post reviews on blasters I have or have experience with, as well as accessories. This is not really a news site, as other blogs cover those segments well enough.
I'll also post up some of my custom-made stuff that I occasionally use. They are mostly scopes as Nerf's aren't functional the way mine are.

I will generally only post one pic per post, as the above sites already give excellent pics, and 2 minutes on Google Images works as well. (for reviews)

Do note that in my reviews, I measure range when the blaster is parallel to the ground, and the ground is relatively level, unless otherwise stated.

These reviews are generally aimed at non-modders, beginners (aka n00bs and newbies) and 'casual' players. The general aim of this blog is to help 'newbie' Nerfers decide what blaster they should get next, and what blasters they should avoid.

NEVER leave your blaster cocked. This will shrink the size of the spring (over time) and reduce the power of the blaster.

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