Poll Results

Here I will post the results of previous polls.

Which 2011 Dart Tag Blaster is the best?
Quick 16: 3 votes
Speedload 6: 2 votes
Swarmfire: 6 votes
Sharpshot: 1 vote

Winner: Swarmfire

Which of the following is the best overall, unmodified?
Longshot CS-6: 8 votes
Longstrike CS-6: 3 votes
Raider CS-35: 7 votes
Vulcan EBF-25: 3 votes

Winner: Longshot CS-6

In a free-for-all, which person would win, wielding one of the following blasters?
Alpha Trooper CS-18: 10 votes
Raider CS-35: 7 votes
Longshot CS-6: 3 votes
Stampede ECS: 13 votes
Vulcan EBF-25: 4 votes

Winner: Stampede ECS

Which CS blaster the best, unmodified?
Alpha Trooper CS-18: 19 votes
Raider CS-35: 5 votes
Longshot CS-6: 4 votes
Longstrike CS-6: 3 votes
Stampede ECS: 16 votes
Recon CS-6: 5 votes
Deploy CS-6: 1 vote

Winner: Alpha Trooper CS-18

Which Buzz Bee Blaster is the best?
Buzz Bee Big Blast: 8 votes
Buzz Bee Berserker/Barbarian: 14 votes
Buzz Bee Tommy 20: 4 votes
Buzz Bee Belt Blaster: 4 votes

Winner: Buzz Bee Berserker/Barbarian

Which of the DT 2011 blasters is the best? (take 2)
Swarmfire: 8 voters
Quick 16: 6 votes
Speedload 6: 5 votes
Sharp Shot: 1 vote

Winner: Swarmfire

Why do you mod?
For fun: 5 votes
For extra range: 9 votes
For awesome looks: 1 vote
I don't mod: 12 votes

Winner: People who don't mod

Which large revolver is best?
DT Furyfire: 8 votes
DTG/DTB/DT Hyperfire: 1 vote
Firefly REV-8: 2 votes
Barricade RV-10: 17 votes
Other: 1 vote

Winner: Barricade RV-10
Now to the one person who said 'other', could you please post a comment on which blaster you prefer and why?

Which factor(s) is/are most important to you in an indoor war?
Range: 25 votes
Accuracy: 29 votes
Ease of reloading: 21 votes
Ease of use: 16 votes
Size: 13 votes
Dart holding method: 17 votes
Weight: 8 votes
Other: 8 votes

Winner: Accuracy

Which factor(s) is/are  most important to you when rushing?
Range: 20 votes
Accuracy: 20 votes
Running speed: 15 votes
Rate of fire: 33 votes
Size: 13 votes
Weight: 9 votes
Other: 5 votes

Winner: Rate of fire

Which Vortex blaster is best/do you like most?
Proton: 6 votes
Vigilon: 3 votes
Praxis: 8 votes
Nitron: 8 votes

Winner: Praxis/Nitron draw
Personally, I prefer the Praxis, so Praxis wins.

What is your opinion of the XLR discs?
Awesome!: 2 votes
Darts are way better: 14 votes
I'll be having both types of ammo: 9 votes
I'll be having more darts than discs: 7 votes
I'll be having more discs than darts: 0 votes

Winner: Darts are way better.

Which sort of blaster(s) should Nerf make/design next?

Full Auto Sprayer: 11 votes
Clip Fed Blaster: 17 votes
Ball Blaster: 4 votes
Revolving Barrel Blaster: 7 votes
Single Shot Blaster: 2 votes
Winner: Clip Fed Blaster (I'm pretty sure we have enough...)

Sniper Rifle: 15 votes
Assault Rifle: 17 votes
Pistol: 5 votes
Large Pistol: 12 votes
Machine Gun: 11 votes
Winner: Assault Rifle (Likewise with above)

Firing Attachments: 18 votes

Overall winner: Clip Fed Assault Rifle + Firing Attachment

Which single shot blaster is your favourite?
Nitefinder EX-3: 13 votes
Switch Shot EX-3: 1 vote
Element EX-6: 3 votes
X-Shot Stealth: 1 vote
Reflex IX-1: 12 votes
Jolt EX-1: 8 votes
Secret Strike AS-1: 0 votes
Scout IX-3: 9 votes
Other: 9 votes

Winner: Nitefinder EX-3 (not unexpected)

Which Nerf Stock is the best?
Recon Stock: 7 votes
Raider Stock: 8 votes
Barricade Stock: 4 votes
Praxis Stock: 1 vote
Spectre Stock: 5 votes
ShotBlast/TornadoStrike Stock: 1 vote

Winner: Raider Stock (not unexpected either)

Which electronic blaster is the best?
Stampede ECS: 20 votes
Vulcan EBF-25: 4 votes
Rayven CS-18: 17 votes
Barricade RV-10: 9 votes
Some Buzz Bee Blaster: 1 vote
Some Lanard/Air Zone Blaster: 1 vote
Other: 0 votes

Winner: Stampede ECS

Which blaster would be best to integrate onto a Recon barrel?
Maverick REV-6: 14 votes
Scout IX-3: 5 votes
Kool Zums Rocket Pistol: 0 votes

Winner: Maverick REV-6

Which setup would be best for a modded Hydro Cannon?
Coupler + Single Barrel: 4 votes
Breech Barrel: 0 votes
Hopper Clip: 0 votes
RSCB: 0 votes
Chopper Clip: 0 votes
Shotgun: 5 votes
Turret: 4 votes

Winner: Shotgun

Which of these are you looking most forward to in 2012?
Elite Hailfire : 13 votes
Elite Rampage : 9 votes
Elite Retaliator : 13 votes
Elite Stockade : 8 votes
DT Snapfire 8: 11 votes
Vortex Pyragon: 11 Votes

Winner: Elite Hailfire/Retaliator
I'd personally prefer the Retaliator because it is a simple and effective plunger blaster, while the Hailfire uses a flawed clip carousel system and a semi auto flywheel system.

Which clip/drum is the best?
6 clip: 2 votes
12 clip: 6 votes
18 clip: 10 votes
18 drum: 6 votes
18 light up clip: 3 votes
25 drum: 4 votes
35 drum: 17 votes

Winner 35 drum
I personally prefer 18 clips and drums because the 35 drum is ridiculously large and bulky.

Which upcoming/newly released blaster are you most excited for?
Vortex Diatron: 13 votes
Elite Stryfe: 25 votes
Elite Rough Cut 2x4: 23 votes
Elite Strongarm: 12 votes
Elite Firestrike: 17 votes
Elite Jolt: 14 votes
Elite Triad: 15 votes
I don't like any of these new blasters!: 1 votes

Winner: Elite Stryfe, closely followed by Rough Cut 2x4

How are our reviews?
Fantastic: 23 votes
Good: 10 votes
Ok: 5 votes
Bad: 0 votes
Terrible: 3 votes

What was your favourite series for new releases in 2015?
Nerf N-Strike/Elite: 19 votes
Nerf Mega: 7 votes
Nerf Rival: 7 votes
Star Wars Nerf: 6 votes
Nerf Doomlands: 4 votes
Nerf Zombie Strike: 4 votes
Buzz Bee Ultra Tek: 4 votes
Nerf Modulus: 3 votes
Buzz Bee Air Max (megas): 2 votes
BoomCo (core blasters): 2 votes
Nerf Rebelle: 0 votes
Halo BoomCo: 0 votes