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Nerf Vortex Ammo Belt Review (Nerffan)

(Nerffan) Hi guys, today I present you a review of the Nerf Vortex Ammo Belt, probably the first actually 'accesory' made for the Vortex line, and it arrived on Aussie shores pretty quickly. As being a Vortex user I immediately fell in love with it, so now I'm here to bring you my thoughts.

The Vortex Ammo Belt is the first and (probably) only clothing method of holding ammo for the Vortex line so far. It was just released back in 2012, along with the Elite line.
                                         New in Box.
                                         Back of box. Note that the Nitron has dropped the shield.
 In package, in the plastic packaging. Everything is neatly packed seperate form each other with the exception of the blaster hook.
All the components.

Ever since Vortex revealed its four original blasters back in 2011, it was a little quiet, probably because Nerf was focusing on the launch of the Elite line. So far there was the Lumitron, and that was about it. Until the Pyragon and Diatron came along. :D

So far I've only seen the Ammo Belt in Aussie Kmarts so far, so I was lucky enough to get it for my birthday. :D In the box you get your belt itself, a ten-disc magazine, 15 discs, two mag holders, a pouch, and a blaster hook. This is actually worth the $15 price, considering a ten-disc mag is worth like $10 down here in Australia.

Now I'll be going through each component in more detail, for your pleasure. :)

First, I'll talk about the belt itself. As with any other belt, it's fully customisable, so you can think this as the Vortex equivalent of the N-Strike/Elite Bandolier.

By being customizable, the belt means it can be arranged in any style and in any way. Nerf has basically manufactured a long belt was male and female clips, with the male clip being able to be taken off for customization. I personally think this belt design is great, as it is better than those belts which have with notches for set lengths.

It's also good that it's customisable, as you can see in the pic below, the Proton sidearm is very close to the actors gentleman part, and you know what will happen. :P

Here is a pic below of the belt's full length compared to the Pyragon:

Next I'll talk about the ammo pouch that comes with the kit.

The Ammo Pouch s also a nice welcome as an accessory. It's very similar to the N-Strike Camo Ammo pouch, but  it's a little smaller and doesn't have the divider anymore. The pouch is almost flawless; it's small enough to be compact and tall and wide enough to hold lots of ammo. It actually holds more than the 25 discs that it advertises; it holds like 30+! My only niggle is that the the two squares of velcro holding the pouch can sometimes fly open. :(

Thanks to an experiment from P13c30fch33s3, you can put N-Strike stuff in as well. Plus you can put the Camo ammo pouch on the belt as well for even more setups. :)

As you can see below it can also fit a 10-disc mag in, but only just.

I actually surprised at the colour of the 10-disc mag it came with. Unlike the one that comes with the Tech Kit, it's ORANGE. At first I thought the concept was wierd, but once I got it I didn't care. I find that it goes well with the orange discs from the Pyragon and with the orange detailing on the Lumitron.. Pics below
EDIT: I also found that the spring inside is a little stronger than my 'red' ten-disc mag from the Praxis, but maybe that's because the 'red' one is older.

The two mag holders are a first for Nerf and are novel as well as useful. They can hold any Vortex mag firmly, but not so firm that it's hard to pull out. All you have to do is to slide a mag in from the top, and the grooves inside will hold it firmly so it won't slip when you're running with it it. It's also very easy to pull mags out, but the feature I love is that you're able to reload empty mags with discs from your pouch.(provided the mags are facing the right way.)

I never really liked belt-clips, but the Ammo Belt clip has changed my opinion of belt clips. Unlike the Sharp Shot's 'quick-draw'(which I found disappointing) belt clip, the belt clip is a lot more sturdier, and holds a Nitefinder-ish blaster very securely, thanks to some grooves in the clip. One niggle I found, was anything bigger than a Sharp Shot or Proton would swing around all over the place and is likely to smack your face. :P

For only $15 at Kmart, the Vortex Ammo Belt is great for any Vortex user and is excellent value for money, considering a 10-disc mag is worth about $10 down here in Australia. It works well in action, is aesthetically pleasing and and is so customizable. I've even added my own custom Triad holster on it. :) Pic of it soon. EDIT: Now discontinued.

And here's the promised pic of the belt on me.

Note that this kit is more suitable for Vortex users, so for N-Strike users it's better to get a N-Strike/ Elite Tactical vest/Bandolier Kit.

And here's my favourite setup for the belt:
From left to right: Ammo pouch on left to reload mags and secondary(I'm right-handed), ten disc mags, and belt clip on the left.

Pros: Very lightweight, even when fully loaded(exception: with extra blaster added),cheap for $15, pouch can hold more than it claims(suprise!), belt is completely customizable& comfortable, yet holds accessories firmly but not too tightly, belt clip is sturdy enough for sidearms, mag holders are simple and effective.
Cons: None! :)

Usefulness: 5/5
Value for Money: 5/5
Aesthetics: 4.5/5
Cumbersomeness: 5/5- very lightweight


Personal Rating: 5/5! Just an excellent accessory for Vortex users!

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  1. how did you attach your triade to the vortex belt