Monday, 29 April 2013

Arts & Crafts: Nerf Triad Holster

(Nerffan) After I got my Nerf Triad, I mentioned in my review that its size was a disadvantage because you it's too big to fit in ordinary pockets unlike the Jolt. A few weeks ago I found a solution to hold Triads from Chris Cartaya(a friend of Basic Nerf); a duct tape holster! So after half an hour of figuring out how to make the holster(Chris only showcased his holster and did not give instructions on how to make it), I got the idea and made my own. Since I haven't seen anyone else who has developed such a method to hold Triads, I decided to share Chris' idea. Original post of it here.

The holster I made is made out of electrical tape, not duct tape I haven't used Neo magnets, unlike Chris' holster.

Nerf Triad(for test fitting holster)
Duct tape
Paper/non-sticking material(to stop holster from getting dirty)
An accessory to attach the holster to(preferably a belt)


1. Cut a piece of tape approximently 24cm. This piece of tape will hold the Triad.
2. Test fit. Make sure the tape can wound around the Triad as shown in pic.                    

3. Fold one end of the tape into a flap(like the way you would turn sticky-tape into double-sided tape). This allows you to have some purchase to draw the Triad. A picture below is for reference.

4. Cut two seperate pieces of tape that will wrap around the belt(which is the accessory the holster is to attach to).These pieces should be smaller than the actual holster tape and are to hold the holster in place on your accessory. 
5. Now for the hard bit. Get your 24cm tape and place it parallel to your belt like so/ NOTE: Make sure the sticky side of the tape is facing downwards. 
6. Then get your two smaller piece of tape and secure the holster tape to your belt.

7.  Test fit again. Hold your Triad in place as the pic shows and put one end of the holster tape over the top of the blaster. 

8.Then get your other end piece and stick it over as the pic shows. If it works and holds the Triad well, then you're done! :D 

Optional: Get your non-sticking material(I used paper) and cover the outside of the holster where it passes around the trigger guard. Pic for reference.

And here's a pic of the finished product:


  1. Cool man, sorry I didn't see it before, maybe it is time to show a Video.

  2. I wonder if you can do that with all nerf guns such as a Nite Finder.

    1. You could do it with a Stampede if you were crazy enough.
      A Nitefinder is easy to do, especially if you cut off the dart holders.