Thursday, 3 January 2013

Nerf Vortex Pyragon Usage Tips

Hi guys,
For the first post in 2013, here some very simple usage tips for my new favourite blaster. And have a late Happy New Year everyone! :D

1) Try to avoid unnecessary spamming. Although the Pyragon has the highest stock capacity of any Nerf blaster (Hailfire doesn't count; needs 8 clips [mags] to have high capacity), the capability of slam-firing extremely fast can eat up your ammo real quick, leaving you vulnerable when reloading. However, do remember that you can slam-fire if necessary, but only use it if you absolutely have to.
2) Maximize your performance advantages. Because the Pyragon has the best range and curves it's discs far less than any other Vortex blaster, use it to counter dart blasters' velocity speed and capacity.
3) Don't add any attachments. Unless it's a useful stock or light, ditch any attachments for the Pyragon because it adds unnecessary bulk. The stock iron sights are simple, but effective.
4) If you need sling points, add some. The main niggle that user complain about the Pyragon is the lack of sling points. The only front 'sling point' is far too small for any carbiner/hook to fit in and the blaster doesn't even have a rear matching sling point! Many HvZ players rely on the comfortability of their blaster, so drill a decent-sized hole if you absolutely need too, or make/buy some sling point attachments. Slydev sells tac rail bandolier points for about 3AUD each, which are perfect and can even come in a matching red!

That's about it. The Pyragon's very fool-proof blaster.

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