Sunday, 2 September 2012


Warning- Mild language in this post. It is also an enormous wall of text.

Hey guys. Toasty here, and this is a topic I really wanted to cover in this blog.

Most of you know that unlike most other people, I don't post many mods, or custom paint jobs, or any of that stuff. What I post is opinion pieces, which is pretty much just for getting my thoughts out there. I didn't start blogging for views, or to be famous, or to have a big following. I post because I have opinions I can share, and I do so gladly. I had no idea I would get any views at all, or have any followers, because nowadays it seems like everyone and his brother has a Nerf blog.

Now, in this post, I want to address something that in this day and age is becoming rare- respect. Respect is so hard to come by, nowadays, because of the internet. Anyone can go onto NM&R chat and call anyone else gay, fat, stupid, etc. only because they want to. Whenever a spammer comes on FoamNation and starts randomly saying the names of all the human reproductive systems, that person has no respect. When some random YouTuber goes on one of Bazookafied's videos, and says, in their awful grammar, "u r so stupid nerf is for little kids u fag u shood play airsoft", that person has no respect for what we, as a community, enjoy doing. All the people asking for shoutouts, saying all the stuff like "Check out my blog, I post Nerf news and cool reviews!" No. It's kind of, well, disrespectful.

It's really quite astonishing, because it seems like nobody has any respect at all on the internet. Not just towards Nerfers, but just in general. You see the people on video game commentaries, saying all the "FAAKKE" comments. You see the people having comment wars about religion on almost any video. You see the comments insulting people like Smosh, JennaMarbles, and other web comedians. It's sort of sickening, really. To see someone put in tons of time, effort and money into some super awesome AT5K, or Titan, or Hornet, then post a video of it and have all these random people just shooting them down? It's awful.

The worst part is the real life insults. I know I personally get pitched a ton of BS from almost everyone I know, because to them, I should be off killing squirrels with BB Guns, or building stuff in woodshop, and instead I'm making CPVC couplers for bright orange guns. My parents aren't super supportive of Nerf either, to them it glorifies violence no matter how you put it. The worst is the "Cool kids" who are all Airsoft/Paintball, all the time. They give me loads of crap because my guns aren't black, and uber-realistic.

Now, personally, I respect people until I have reason to disrespect them. Even though I may not completely like them, or support them, I still respect them. For example, Drac. To be completely honest, I don't like Drac very much at all. I don't find his videos very entertaining, and I've never understood how spring replacements and AR removal qualifies as "Ultimate Mod Guides". However, I respect him. He is, without a doubt, a great modder. Some of his mods are truly amazing and revolutionary, and his vintage reviews are quite fun. Point is, just because I don't very much like Drac, doesn't mean I go on his videos and spam them endlessly.

Now, if you have read through this massive wall of text, I applaud you. I know I am completely contradicting myself, but please share this post. I want this message to get around. Thank you very much.


(Yes, it was Milez, but I changed my name.)


  1. Well said. To be honest, I don't even read the comments on YouTube videos anymore, because all they are is a big huge list of idiots using terrible grammar and spelling to call each other stupid or fags or lame attempts to get likes or to reach the top comment. I miss the days where forums were well moderated and nobody could act like a five year old without being banned from the site.

    anyway, keep doing what you like doing, just think, just because someone else hates on something you like doesn't mean you have to stop doing it.

    1. I agree, YouTube comments have pretty much become flame wars and pointless self-promotion which does nothing of any benefit anyway. You occasionally get a sensible, well written comment, but they normally get drowned in a sea of stupidity.

      I'm pretty sure Oznerf is well moderated, although it has gotten a little quiet recently. Anyone who acts like an idiot usually gets shut down almost instantly, although I haven't seen any idiots on Oznerf for a while.

      Honestly when someone hates on something of mine I just ignore them. In 99% of cases it's just morons trying to annoy people, but there are legitimate reasons for someone to dislike certain hobbies.

      On a random but related note, I'm note sure the AT5K exists, but if it does, AWESOME! :P

  2. Well said!
    Building on what you've said, we now live in an age of digital technology where what we do online is recorded. Employers will eventually have the ability to look through a potential employee's accounts. For all the "keyboard warriors" having a dig at Nerfers, employers will find malicious comments and fairly explicit language used in poor context.
    What I am saying is, do not retaliate, instead keep your account clean and praise Nerfers in the community. Keep up the awesome modifications, logical reviews and fun gameplay.
    In closing, Nerf rocks!

  3. Oh crap.. Did I really say AT5K? Whoops XD

    1. Ok so that is fake. I was thinking what the heck is a 5k and were can I get one

  4. Haha, my bad! Although.. Now that I think about it, someone could combine an AT2K and 3K and make a 5K...