Sunday, 3 June 2012

Nerf DT Sharp Shot(Updated)(Nerffan)

Today, this is a review of the 2011/12 DT single shot, the Sharp Shot. It is the cheapest DT blaster to buy, and it was the first Dart Tag blaster to be updated with a blue trigger.(Later blasters were the Speedload 6 and Swarmfire, but the Quick 16 version didn't exist) The original version apparently had rubbish performances, so Nerf decided to make the Sharp Shot better.(Original ranges were 6-7.5m) The new version came with itself, a 2-piece quick-release belt clip, 4 (new) DT darts and some instructions.(Which the old Sharp shot didn't have)

Firstly, the (updated)Sharp Shot looks awesome. The blue trigger and dart holders blend in with the yellow colour scheme(In my opinion) and the belt clip makes it look even better.

                                          Size: in comparison to a Praxis.

The operation is simple. Like a Scout, cock the blaster and push in a dart. Like every other single shot, it can't jam and it never misfires. My Sharp Shot, unlike P13c30fch33 's, has very less trigger resistence, so it might be a tactical disadvantage. In my opinion, the most interesting fact about the Sharp Shot is the funelled barrel. Unlike other single shots, it pretty much feeds the dart in, so it slightly increases ROF, and guides the dart in if you've just missed the barrel. ROF is still 1 dart per 2-3 seconds but it makes you less fussy about reloading.

The handle is well-built and comfortable, and fits most hands too; just what a good handle offers. The cocking slide it also smooth and large so it isn't as easy to slip off compared to the Maverick's. It has no lip, but it doesn't really matter. The dart holders are also highly effective, and it holds 3 darts tightly, but not so tight that it damages your darts.(unlike the Nitefinder's)

The quick-release belt clip is a nice idea, but it's mainly advertising the Sharp Shot so people will buy it. If used correctly, it is effective. Although it does hold the Sharp Shot's weight, it swings around when you move due to a ball-joint socket. Nerf didn't develop that accessory well. Maximize usage tips here.
                                          Box art.

                                          Blurbs are cool. :P

The new DT darts are a great welcome. The tip is blue with 2 white velcro strips and it is also quite solid. The foam is denser then most other nerf foam, and has a dark orange colour. The darts do get dirty after a match, so be sure to pick the dirty parts out after playing. Compared to the old DT darts they have a small hole on the tip, so it results in the dart whistling when shot. Even with the whistling feature, these darts are practically pinpoint accurate. They are also shorter than normal nerf darts, though they can fit in other single-shots.(well, most of them) The Sharp Shot can use any type of dart...except streamlines, once again due to the peg. These darts also have an 'A' code. I've also seen some 'Y' coded DT darts, but the performances with them weren't good.

Now, performance time.
As aformentioned, the old Sharp Shot only hits 6-7.5m.(20-25ft in US measurement) The updated one consistently hits 15-17m, basically double the original ranges! The causes of this high ranges are a stronger spring(mentioned on UT) and a 2-pronged air restrictor. Compared to the Jolt's it gets even more power!
As for accuracy, this thing is basically hyper-accurate, at least with Dart Taggers and with streamlines, it's got a decent 1metre spread, which is a positive. :D NOTE:I twisted off part of the Sharp Shot's dart peg so now it can use streamlines. A completely stock Sharp Shot can't use streamlines.

The Sharp Shot costs around $14 for one and $50 for 2+extras, so it's not really worth your money. But because it has better performance it still makes it good value. I'd personally get the Sharp shot, but if you want a cheaper single shot, get the NF.(Mine was 20% off, so making it $11.20!)

Pros: High accuracy and power, light-weight, dart holders are highly effective, funnelled barrel allows increased ROF, belt clip works right when used correctly,looks awesome.
Cons: Belt clip doesn't always work, ball-joint in belt clip swings blaster around(very annoying) .

Power: 7/7
Acccuracy: 5/5
Usability: 5/5
Rate of Fire: 1/5
Value for Money: 4.5/5

Overall: 4.1/5

Personal Rating: 5/5! Best Single Shot ever! (Along with Jolt)

Great performance,great fun, favourite single shot.
Excellent update Nerf.


  1. Well, the Sharpshot is now $7.50 at Target (While it's on sale) and the 2 pack is $28 (Comes with 2 Sharpshots, two training dart tag Jerseys and 2 pairs of Vision Gear!) So now it IS worth it!
    If you do the math:
    The 2 player set is worth around $40 - $50
    - 2 Sharpshots:$15
    - 2 Jerseys: $20 ($10 each at Kmart)
    - 2 sets of vision gear: around $8 - $10

    1. True, but those are sale prices. The RRP of sharp shots are $14 for a single pack and $40-$50 for the double