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Nerf Vortex Praxis Review (Nerffan)

(Nerffan)Ok. Hi guys! Today I'm reviewing the Nerf Vortex Praxis,the cheapest vortex blaster to be mag-fed. It's a pump-action mag-fed blaster and it's appearance looks like, yes, a sci-fi blaster . At first,  I thought it looked awesome, but at the same time, it looked all wierd and new and it just came literally out of nowhere. But did the long-range discs and green blasters impress all the Nerf-fans? Some mixed reviews really, but I personally loved the idea of some new, wierd, long-range Nerf blasters.

So did Vortex impress ME? My thoughts after the jump break.

                                          The box.
                                          Back of box.

                                          Ahh. Blurbs. I love reading them. :P
Comes packaged with the dics,the 10 disc mag, a stock,the instructions and the blaster itself.(Says on back of box)

After playing with the Praxis for a while I've noticed some interesting notes about it.
Firstly, I discovered the stock is flimsy and wobbly on the Praxis but it is more sturdy than the Recon stock.
2) There's a special way to fill the mag with 11 discs and a way to half-slam fire. Although most of you will know, them I'll tell you how anyway in case newbies don't know
How to put 11 discs in the mag:
1)Have a full mag with 10 discs in it.
2) Insert the mag into the Praxis and prime it.
3) Eject the mag and refill it.  
How to (Sort-of) slam-fire the Praxis(Includes Vigilon tips too):

                                          The discs that it came with. This isn't the original disc though,
                                                   because I coloured mine.

When you pull the pump(In case of Vigilon, the slide)back, you hold on to the trigger and push the pump forward. To continue this you don't hold on to the trigger forever but release it after you shoot then hold on when the pump is pulled back. 4) It's pump-action so it allows a ROF of 3dps. 5) The mag flies out of the mag dock so it allows quick-reloads but beware: if you release the mag when you're standing/crouching on hard ground, it can crack so you'll need to kneel down and catch the dropping mag.
                                          The 10-disc mag.(magazine)

Some extra features that the Praxis has are that is compatible with tactical rail accessories, removable stocks and different vortex mags.(eg. nitron 20 disc mag and Pyragon 40-disc drum) Unlike N-Strike CS blasters, it has a jam button to pull back instead of a jam door. This means on regular jams you point the Praxis down and pull the button. The disc comes out.(My Praxis once jammed so badly that I had to open it so now one of the pump's screws is sticking out.) You actually can release the mag by simply pressing the mag-release button and not pulling back the pump/slide in CS blasters, and that's a neat feature, because most mag-fed blasters don't have that feature.

Now on to the performance:

Like other Vortex blasters, it shoots maximum 20m but consistently 18m.
Generally, accuracy is consistent although discs curve after about 15m. Neverless you can practice disc curving so it doesn't affect your general accuracy. The discs also bounce off things so you can hit people behind barricades/riot shields by making the discs bounce behind the cover.
 Unlike CS blasters, which jam regularly, the Praxis doesn't disappoint. It hardly jams (although once I had to open it to clear a really bad jam)  and thanks to the pump it gets a ROF of 3dps and is really easy to rapid-fire. (My pump is easier to grip due to the sticking out screw but it can cut my hand, which is annoying) As for the stock, I like it off because it improves mobility but it does help aiming. The thing I also discovered was that if you load 11 in the mag, it doesn't jam like CS blasters.
Oh yes, although it comes with 10 discs you can fill the mag with 11 discs,which is interesting as N-Strike mags will jam the blaster if overfilled.
As for prices it is very similar to the AT. When off-sale it's about $30 and on sale it's $22-25.
The Praxis is a great Vortex starter and it's close to an AT. Usually at $25 AUD, it's excellent for money but my only concerns is the single mag it comes with and the wobbly stock. Extra discs can be sold at Kmart for $6-7 AUD and extra mags between 10 and 20 dollars, but not in Australia. General usage tips here
                                          In comparison to a Sharp Shot..
                                         And compared to a Buzz Bee Double Shot.

Pros: Consistent accuracy, disc-bouncing and disc-curving allows opponents to hit behind cover, overfilling the mag doesn't jam compared to N-Strike mags, good prices, looks awesome, dropping mag allows for quick reloads, above average blaster range.
Cons: Disc-curving is awkward to use for beginners, has very little modding potential, stock is flimsy, mag can break when dropped on hard ground, discs are easy to dodge at long-distances due to slower projectile speed.

Power: 7/7
Accuracy: 4.5/5
Value for Money: 5/5
Usability: 4.5/5
Rate of Fire: 3/5

Overall: 4.4/5

Personal rating: 4/5 - My Praxis jams too much at 2/3dps.(Possibly because it's a first gen?)

Great looks,high performance, great price.

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