Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nerf Nitefinder EX-3 Review(Nerffan)

Well, today I'm going to review the Nitefinder EX-3, a classic and high-modding potential nerf pistol. Being one of the best single-shots out there, it's a big competition between the fairly-new Jolt EX-1. Being a pre-N-Strike, released in 2003 with the Maverick, it's been modded over and over again and has received excellent reviews. Thanks to the direct-plunger system, it is praised for high ranges and accuracy in stock form, and even more praised when modded. Although P13c30fch33s3's review stated 2011 NFs hit 14m flat, many modders find past NF springs thicker and stronger. This information remains a mystery, but for now Whiteout and original NFs are the most powerful. (For unknown reasons - possibly stronger springs, better O-rings or better barrels)

Here is the profile. It has an extremely easy-cocking pull back ring and all you have to do is push a dart in a fire. Unlike the Jolt, it can't fire streamlines (Although dribbles them) due to the long peg inside the barrel. Both the handle and the ring are comfortable and it's jam-proof as well as misfire-proof. It makes ideal for toddlers to use (yes,toddlers!) as my Year-5 friend's sibling (3.5 years old) can dual wield it! The inbuilt light seems to be better than the Deploy light but to me it hardly does any anything.(My friend missed me with his last shot in a war using the light) The good thing though is in an indoor war it keeps opponents at bay.(They think you're going to fire as the light comes on when the trigger is pulled) The name 'Nitefinder' was developed due to the light. NOTE: Not to be confused with 'Nitefinder EX-3 light. It was a rare accesory packaged with the Longshot value packs. Usage tips here.

Now, the excellent performance.
The range is excellent. With whistlers it gets 12m and suctions 11m. I also noticed the included darts sucked at accuracy and range and I had to glue the suction cap back on. (The 11m range from suctions was from the blue-tipped suctions, not the included ones) Updated NFs get 14m flat with suctions.
Accuracy is excellent and it is best with suctions althogh whistlers take advantage of long-range accuracy. With this, it's ideal for sniping.(The oringinal N-strike version had 'accuracy' on it representing the 'accuracy' blaster on oringinal N-Strike motto of 'Speed,Accuracy,Distance'.)
Since Nerf has done an excellent job on perfecting the handle, it's comfortable to hold and the ring, as forementioned, feels comfortable as well. Other than that, it's easy to reload but has a slow ROF due to the single-shot nature. This also has an advantage against a reverse plunger blaster because it's easier to cock while reverse-plungers need to be pushes forward and back. Even with a capacity of 3 darts, I don't mind the low capacity as the performance makes up for it. The price is excellent as it's usually $10 and under $8 when on clearance.(Mine was $3!!)

Pros: Great accuracy and range,extreme modding potential, handle is comfortable, extremely slim and low profile, cheap, internals are useful
Cons: Dart holders makes difficult for holstering, light is inaccurate and weak, generic single-shot cons

Power: 6/7
Accuracy: 5/5
Value for Money: 5/5
Usability: 4.5/5
Rate of Fire: 1/5

Overall: 3.96/5

Personal Rating: 4/5

Great sniper/backup,great power, inmense modding potential.

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  1. I got one that was made recently for $7, I think it has more power than the older NF. When I took out the air restrictors, paded the plunger, put two o-rings in, and sprayed a gloss like paint down the barrel for a better air seal it's outdoing elite ranges easily.(orange trigger elites.)