Saturday, 26 May 2012

Nerf Jolt EX-1 Review(Nerffan)

After waiting for a year, I can now finally review the ultimate pocket blaster, the Nerf Jolt-EX-1! The Jolt was released in 2011(late) and was a suprise to everyone in the US(released there first) because everyone was chatted up about the Light It Up series of the Lumitron and the Rayven. It is different to every other N-Strike blaster because it had a orange paintjob and had a cocking arm at the bottom. Like the Reflex, it comes with the blaster itself and 2 whistlers.If you own a multi-languaged one, it'll come with a folded sheet of instructions.(translated in other languages as well,of course) Mine was purchased today, and it was the retailer version costing $4 at Big W.(In Aus, but US guys up there would be at Kmart)

SG Nerf and Urban Taggers both said it looked like the Noisy Cricket in the movie Men In Black.I haven't seen it, so I can't tell although I searched it up.(Just to be curious at the time) Anyway, it looks awesome with the cocking arm at the bottom,the black whistlers in the barrel and the orange paintjob. :)

                                          In comparison with a Reflex.
 Being the most smallest single shot I've ever used, it works like a NF. Just load the dart,cock the Jolt and fire. The plunger draw is small but difficult to pull but luckily it has a extremely good seal,so it can vacuum load.(Sort-of) ROF isn't great,because it's a single shot, but thanks to the short priming draw it's easy to prime. EDIT: It accepts any type of dart.(Streamlines also work). Elite Darts might work too.
                                          With a Whistler dart.

                                          With a Suction dart.
                                          Streamlines will fire! :P
                                          With a sonic micro.
                                          DT darts also work

As mentioned on by many other people/blogs, the handle cuts into your hand but since my hands kind of small,it doesn't really matter and it feels comfortable as my NF. The main thing I'm worried about the Jolt is the trigger. It has a piece of plastic to hold it, and it'll snap off with excess use, so everyone who owns a Jolt will have to stop squeezing the trigger too much when they're not playing with it. Usage Tips here. NOTE: My hand is small so the handle may be uncomfortable to those who have larger hands.

Ranges are excellent. It hits 12m+ slightly angled at shoulder height with whistlers and it basically has no dart-drop. Suctions get 11m slightly angled and 12m at 40-45 degrees angled. Awesome!
Accuracy is excellent, and even better accuracy than the NF.This is close to the DT Sharp Shot(updated) so it means it's an excellent blaster. Streamlines even have decent accuracy when fired!
This is the best single shot/pocket blaster I've ever used, summing up it's performance. This is now my favourite single shot!!!

Short plunger draw allows for quicker priming than other blasters,epic power, hyper-accurate, micro size, easy to hide and reload,looks awesome,super cheap, AR has larger gaps allowing for more power,can shoot any type of dart.
AR damages 'hurts' the dart, plastic holding trigger can snap off with excessive use.

Power: 6/7
Accuracy: 5/5
Value for Money: 5/5
Usability: 4.5/5
Rate of Fire: 1/5

Overall: 3.96/5

Personal Rating: 4.5/5 - BOO Yeah! :P Probably the best N-Strike single shot to date. :D

Mega power,excellent accuracy,great fun, tiny size,bad reliability.
Excellent effort Nerf for making a pocket blaster.


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  3. So far my Jolt triggers still works. Didn't snap off yet