Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Enter in Second Command...

Hi everyone,

I'm Nerffan, and this my first post at this fantastic blog Outback Nerf! I come from NSW, Australia and I hardly, if ever, mod. I usually mod blasters like Jolts, because they are easy to mod, and I only mod if my blaster/s needs the modification or for better usability or aesthetics. I go to a few private wars, but so far I haven't organised/been to any large-scale Nerf event. EDIT 21/12/12: Ok, I've been to private one.

I usually spent my time on studying, reading books and looking at various Nerf blogs like Outback Nerf itself, or playing with my blasters. My Nerf collection isn't gigantic compared to P13c30fch33s3's but it's good as it is, and I'm grateful that I have at least an actual collection.

I'll be posting reviews for you guys, some occasional news posts, and maybe some rants in the future. I'm not a fan off showing myself in videos, so please don't go asking to see my face in videos like everyone does with Lerd Dercernerical.

Nerffan Out.

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